Sauce 123 Vs Oddoddsen; Potential Concept I'm Misapplying?

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Sauce 123 Vs Oddoddsen; Potential Concept I'm Misapplying?

100/200 Eff stacks 100bb

Odd 2.5x btn, Sauce 3b to 8bb w/ 9c7d6d5s Odd calls.

Flop Qd8h4d(16bb)

Sauce 13bb, Odd pots to 55bb(37bb back), Sauce calls.

So, Odd essentially commits himself here w/ 37bb back after his pot raise and Sauce decides not to put the rest in now. That really stood out to me because if I was in Sauce's spot, I'd just assume I have the ~37% equity needed to get it in on the flop w/ this hand, and I'd also assume that if I did flat, Odd jams 100% of turns and we still call 100% of turns, or we jam X% of turns and he never folds, which is the same as just getting it in on the flop, EV wise, since your flop equity is just the sum of your equities on all possible turn and river cards.

Basically, I don't think Sauce gains any future playability edge or reciprocality edge with this call. But apparently, he disagrees with me....Or, he's just such a sicko he knows we have like 35% equity vs Odd's jamming range here, enough to call but not enough to get stacks in...I'm not that good at PPT :/

Was wondering if there's some concept I'm missing here or misapplying some how?

edit: I'm horrible at PPTing ranges, but the one I put in(which is probably weighted very poorly) gave us 22% equity on board pairing turns, which I think is still a call given our pot odds on those turns.

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