Short Stacked Strategy

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Short Stacked Strategy

Hey guys, I'm trying to develop a good short stacking strategy to take advantage of loose players and I have a few questions.

Lets say we are playing against 3 handed vs players who open too wide from the button around 70% who only fold 12% to 3 bet and will stack off very light folding only about 30% of the time on the flop. They also 3 bet between 15% and 20% from the blinds, and fold less than 30% of their big blinds to my button raise, but play tough with the loose range, only check folding flop turn and river 27, 41 and 57% of the time check raising 18% of flops. Also from the SB he raises about 55% and plays his weak range well. I see the biggest leak is raising too wide and calling too many 3 bets and stacking off too light, however in spots such as calling his button and SB raises from the blinds I feel like I get outplayed postflop. How would you approach a situation like this.

Do you think its profitable for sure playing 30BB. How about 50BB. What hands would you 3 bet from the blinds. I believe 3 betting any Aces, kings, and queens are pushing equity, but how about hands like jacks and tens, aktx ss aqt4ss kjt8ss . Hands like this also seem to be pushing equity. This player will 4 bet jam any aces, kings, queens, ajj, att, and a ton of akxx even some rainbow hands like akj4 rainbow. Is there a simple strategy to employ to print money vs people like this? Would playing a push fold strategy be profitable to avoid the tough oop spots postflop? THanks

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