Should i transition to PLO?? 10bb/100 winner at micro/low stakes NHLE.

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Should i transition to PLO?? 10bb/100 winner at micro/low stakes NHLE.

M less than 1 month in on RIO, been a great experience so far, and from India.
So far in Poker, before i went on to make my BR, i have played PLO, although i have no tracked records, i m pretty sure i should have lost, since i had no idea of any kind of game then.
but then a few months back i decided to play poker more seriously, aspiring to go pro someday. i had played both PLO and NLHE and i can say for sure i was fish in NHLE.
Given humble starting BR, i saw which tables ran across sites.
i had roll of 2k, smallest tables of NHLE on Indian site were 100nl(0.5/1) and PLO were 200nl(1/2), but NHLE tables ran always and PLO not so much.
So with my humble BR and pathetic record, i decided to go with NHLE, learn the game etc. i figured PLO swings would wipe me out.
although i loved playing PLO more, simply since it was more complex.
now 4 months on, after study and grind, and table selection, i built my roll to 40k. Moved up in NHLE from 100nl to 200nl to 400nl and now in process to 1000nl. with a Evbb/100 of 10.44bb/100 across 220k hands.( Current WR is higher since first 70k hands i was just learing basic aspects of game, i assume ).
Skill level, i think i just know how to play NHLE as "ABC strategy". it works since my tables r soft.
i always comtemplated shifting to plo, but was not confident on my BR.
Now i m confused if it is right time????
IF yes, What stakes, we have PLO200(1/2) which runs everyday but not always and next is PLO1000(5/10). which run always. i m not good judge, but based on preflop limping and general showdowns i have seen ( have been following action although not playing to study plo) i believe pool is very soft. ( both PLO1k and PlO 200). i think PLO 1k is starting stake for most.
I m certain that i m going to switch to PLO someday, just not sure when. also higher variance and BRM being unclear and me not knowing even ABC or solid PLO strategy in experience is stopping me now.
so i though of posting my issue here.
Thanking you and apologies for long post.
Any views will help.

( All the Values are in INR. 1 Usd = 68 Inr )

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