Some questions about PLO HU cash

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Some questions about PLO HU cash

Hi guys ! I have some questions about PLO HU cash :
1) How many hands are necessary to understand if a player is a winning player on a certain level?
What bb/100 can obtain a good player in PLO HU 50 and PLO HU 100 ?
2) How many different players do you suggest to play against at the same time ? Is there someone who play against 2 or 3 different players concurrently and make profit ?
3) I' m a beginner and I have some doubts about raising after a limp or 3betting from BB (oop) :
Why we should raise or 3bet oop ? What should be a good ratio between VPP in SB and BB ?
Hypothesize this scenario : we play against a player who call our raise 100% from BB and limp 100% on SB , in this case why we should raise
his limp ? If we check back we will play for example in a 6 big blinds pot when we are in position and 2 big blinds pot when we are oop which
seems to me a good advantage.

Sorry for my bad english and too many questions
I hope someone will clarify my ideas
Congrats for the site :)

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