Spewing money at PLO5 - Where should I be spending my study time?

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Spewing money at PLO5 - Where should I be spending my study time?

Hey there, I'm a recent purchases of FTGU PLO and right now I'm working through the pre-flop sections. While I feel like my pre-flop understanding is greatly improving, my bankroll is taking a nose dive. I can add the exact results later but I'm currently losing -35bb/100 over ~3.5k hands. Obviously a small sample size, but I think it's unlikely to be entirely variance.

My big leak that I've noticed, again I can add stats later, is that I seem to think I have equity on the flop/turn so I call/jam on my opponent. Then we flip the cards and I end up staring down at a 10-30% chance of drawing my outs - not ideal. Occasionally I hit, but the majority of the time I don't and now I'm down 50 buy-ins in a span of two weeks.

So my question is really, what do I need to study? Should I keep grinding through the pre-flop videos or skip to one of the later videos that might stem the bleeding.

VPIP: ~35%, PFR: ~25%, 3B ~10%

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