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Thank you RIO

(First of all, I'm sorry for any English errors in the text below, okay? haha)

Hey guys! I'm creating this post to show my aprecciate to this site/forum and maybe help other beginners (like me) skip some mistakes that I committed so far.

At the beginning, when I signed the Run It Once in december 2016, I was ashamed to comment any post here or even post any hand here. So my fisrt advice is: don't be shy, even if your line is "ridiculous"! The reason is because if you are here is to improve your game or help other people to improve.

Second advice: Be pacient! I'm saying that because one of my biggest mistakes was the volume. I played 4 tables zoom for a long time, but to be honest, I was playing in the automatic pilot and being a breakeven player. When you play less tables and cares about the quality of your game, you really start to understand poker, is different! So be pacient with yourself!

Third advice: learn about your tracker (HM or PT). I'm saying that because a lot of people just use the hud to play and sometimes review some hands. IMO, this type of program is as (or more) important outside tables as inside tables. You can find a lot of leaks about your game. So learn about the stats, about the math and use the filter to find leaks in your game and try to fix them!

Fourth advice: Try to understand about gto strategy to open your mind about poker. To be clearer, what I really want to say is about your strategy. If you think why people lose money in poker is because they are exploitable, right? If a Bot is playing against you and he bets $50 on the river in a pot of $100 and his range has 25% of bluff and 75% of value, how can you make money from him? But now imagine another scenario: you are playing against a calling station player and he pays 100% of the time on the river, ok? So what is the best strategy here? Is never bluff, right? So who will make more money against this villain, you or the bot? obviously you, if you only value bet the river!!! On the other hand, if you never bluff on the river, you will be a exploitable player. So... Always try to adapt!!! Also, if you are perfectly balanced (unexploitable, what is humanly impossible), you never will be a losing player in any stakes, but in the micro/low limits, you won't have the best winrate.

Fifth advice: Always keep improving your game in several ways: videos, forum, reviews, coach, etc. Each mode has its advantage and disadvantage.

Sixth advice: have discipline (mainly, with your bankroll) and always be as honest as possible with yourself! Seems to sound so obvious, I know! But this is the most important thing in poker IMO.

In January I started to really play poker and try to understand the game. I think the Run It Once is the responsible for 80% of my evolution. So I really appreciate this site. Also, I'm not a very good player and I know that, i'm begginer. But I want to keep improving and help the people who also want! That's the reason of this post!

Currently, I'm playing PLO25 zoom on stars. I know the problems with the rake, but I still prefer the layout.
I want to share my graph from PLO10, the game that I started at the beginning of the year:

Between 20k until 140k I played 4 tables zoom and committed a lot of mistakes. So I found some leaks in my HM, wich were my Small Blind, my call against 3bet, don't have a check/call range, fold to much to cbet and another mistakes... I fix them and reduce my game to 3 tables and the last almost 40k hands I felt another game. I'd like to comment that I made three move up to PLO25 (because I make money from rakeback) and just really worked now, in the second hald of the year when I promised to myself that I will just play 3 tables from now.

And now my graph from PLO25:

The same comments above apply here. Like I said, I start to play only 3 tables in this second half of this year and I played almost 27k hands of PLO25.

My first half of the year:

My second half until now (when I started to play only 3 tables):

I recognize that there are few hands I can't be sure that I'm beating the game, but I really feel that I'm playing a lot better than before. And because that I wanted to share my mistakes and also to thank you all the people who comments on the foruns, the essential pros, in general, the Run It Once! Thank you very much!

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