Three handed $10/$20/(mandatory button straddle $40) LIVE PLO

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Three handed $10/$20/(mandatory button straddle $40) LIVE PLO

5/5 NLH live game I go to got a little crazy near the end of the night a few days ago, but who cares I love action. game was dying so what started as 5/5 NHL turned into 5/10 NHL, which turned into 5/10/20 NHL, and so on until it became 10/20 PLO with a mandatory 40 button straddle.

The players involved are both whales that I'm very happy to be playing so big against. to give some idea of what I mean, we had to explain to one of them that they must use two hole cards regardless of the board.

I'm in the big blind (~$6.5k) and wake up with A♥Q♥A♠3♠, small blind (~$2.2k) completes, I pot to $160, button (~$2.6k) and small blind call

($480) Flop comes 10♠4♥9♠, small blind checks, I bet $425, button calls, small blind folds

($1430) Turn come K♥, I pot and he thinks the bet is the rest of his chips so we essentially just get everything in and ignore the limit as there's not too much more behind (about $550 more). Villain turns over K♠6♠K♣J♦ and only wants to runitonce.

($5300) to a tragic river of the 9♣ and he scoops it (sadface)

I'm posting this hand in hopes of getting some sort of feedback from anyone who knows better than me because though im not too upset with my decisions, I still want to know what the correct play was there.

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