To barrel or not to barrel: OTT, 3/6 shorthanded

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To barrel or not to barrel: OTT, 3/6 shorthanded

BB: $863.90
CO: $600
BN: $1341.81 (Hero)
SB: $799.74
BB is a pretty solid player from what I can tell, having only played with him 102 hands. Stats are like 27/22. No unusual tendencies.
Preflop ($9.00) (4 Players)
Hero was dealt 9 T 7 A
CO folds, Hero calls $6, SB folds, BB checks
I was trying out a strat of limping the button with playable hands that I didnt want to bloat the pot with. The game was playing pretty preflop aggro. This might be on the edge of being too good to just limp, but whatever, you now know the reason I limped. :)

Im not that keen of discussing wether or not I should have raised BN pre, thats better suited for another thread.
Flop ($15.00) T 4 8 (2 Players)
BB bets $15, Hero raises to $36, BB calls $21
Im ready to bloat the pot now, I figure BB could lead with every two pair, combo draws, etc. I feels he maintains a pretty wide range of hands, even after flatting my raise OOP.
Turn ($87.00) 5 (2 Players)
BB checks, Hero checks
Pretty disgusting turn card? If I barrell im essentialy bluffing, 76 is well within his floating range otf. He might also call again with lets say top two or bottom set. If the river blanks ill just have to give up if he checks to me and lose to all of his valueish combos.

If I bet and get called, I block alot of draws, so Id take that as a sign that BB is leaning towards value hands.

I might have enough equity to barrel, but if he x/r pot Im in trouble.

Would maybe be a better candidate if my 7 was a J, so that I was drawing to top end of both straights.

Do you feel I did the right thing in checking back the turn in this spot, or did I miss potential value on good rivers by not betting? 

I realize this is a vacuum play hand history review question, but if you want to chime in, you could also consider what kind of hands I could balance out checking behind big draw+slim sd value hands like this one. Prolly would want to bet ttxx? How about top two with some random added equity like a gutshot? Hands like that might need to check behind?


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