top2 3b pot OOP 300bbs deep

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top2 3b pot OOP 300bbs deep

the hand

villain is a 42/21 (5max) 3b 2.2%, AF=2.3. raises btns 60%, fold to 3b 1/6 raise cb 3b pots: 2/10. fold to cb 3b pots ip 6/11.

i can easily be convinced that flatting is better, and flatting is my standard here.

the only history we have, the day before this hand i 3b 9976ds sb vs co 200bbs deep, i cb 973r he raised and we got it in and i held on a 5-Q runout.

dunno much about his raising range, but i doubt we can gii profitably. since were calling, what do we do on turns except the easy ones (K/T/8/3/2)?

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