Tough spot deep

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Tough spot deep

Stakes $0.5/$0.10

Villain in the hand is very LAG and pretty tough to play. He 3bets frequently from various positions, doesn't fold to 3bets and doesn't fold to 4 bets. He is on several tables with big stacks on pretty much all of them. While he 3bets liberally, he tends to have good equity hands when lots of money goes in postflop. He and I have clashed on several big pots. There have been times when I've been fairly light, and others when he's been light. In short, I think he is pretty tough, aggro and hard to play.

We have $45 each.

I open $0.35 with Ah Jd Tc 2h in CO. Folded to villain who makes it $1.05 in the BB. I call.

Pot $2.14
Flop Tc Ts 4c
Villain bets $1.80, I call.

Pot $5.74
Turn 9d
Villain bets $5.74, I call

Pot $17.73
River 3h
Villain bets $12

and Hero?

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