Turn and river play in SRP

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Turn and river play in SRP

PLO 100 (5 Players)
UTG: $123.83
CO: $92.10
BTN: $76.95
SB(Hero): $111.40
BB: $105.60

Fold, CO pots to $3.50, BTN calls, Hero calls with AcAd2c4c and BB calls

Flop($14) 2h2sQd
Hero bets $7, fold, CO calls and BTN folds

Turn($28) 8s
Hero checks, CO checks

River($28) 3c
Hero checks, CO checks

Preflop I don't 3 bet bc I didn't want to be in a 3 bet multiway pot OOP with marginal aces. This was played on PPPoker, and the opponents were very loose. The only stat available on PPPoker is VPIP, and all opponents had VPIPs of 45% minimum. So I didn't think I would be getting too many folds by 3 betting here. On the flop I lead out for half pot. I thought this sizing was appropriate but I also could have gone smaller due to the dry texture. On the turn I check. Even though the spade brings the flush draw I didn't want to inflate the pot with trip 2's. On the river I check again and it gets checked back. Should I be betting the river in this spot for value after he checks back the turn and the river doesn't change the board?

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