Using Poker Tracker - LeakTracker

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Using Poker Tracker - LeakTracker

Hi All,

I've been working on my game recently and I felt like I was making good progress, so I decided to get poker tracker and started using the leak tracker function.

I imported 10k hands (I realise it's a small sample) after I improved my strategy and most of the metrics were good apart from the Fold To Flop Bet % - Fold To Turn Bet % and Fold To River Bet %. At the moment the stats are 32% 44% & 57% respectively and it looks like I'm still far away from the "ideal" which seems to be in the 20%~ range. My VPIP is 24% for reference (which it says is slightly too low).

My question is how accurate are these target stats for someone playing PLO5 on GG Fast Fold tables? I certainly had to loosen up a bit in a few spots and I've been picking off more bluffs when I have good blockers, but I feel like I'm calling way too much and running into the nuts far too frequently with marginal hands.

As I'm typing this out I'm starting to think/realise that the Leakbuster function isn't intended for fast fold games as they play much tighter than reg tables?

Any answers appreciated, thanks in advance!

Edit - I found a thread from a few years ago that basically says the stats they provide are garbage...

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