using PPT to make decision vs 4b.

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using PPT to make decision vs 4b.

Here is a hand I played recently,
I'd like to learn if my fold vs 4b decision is correct or not (let's leave aside the hand itself, just focus on calculations).

PL50. Villain isolated (30%) to 4.5bbs 3b IP to 15bbs.
Villain 4b pot-size to 47,5bbs.
If hero calls, OTF will need ~26% to stack off.

let's say we have strong read that villain only 4b AAxx here.

how do we calculate if call is +EV or not?

we need 33% to call pre.
how do I make conclusion based on this numbers?
is the method right?

ps. sorry if the topic was discussed before, just not not a mathy guy, can't figure it out myself.
Thanks for any feedback.

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