Variance at the Micros - bad beat o rama!

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Variance at the Micros - bad beat o rama!

I'm just organising my thoughts following the most brutal week of poker i've ever had. After a steady climb in PLO at a mix of PLO2,5 &10, I have lost about 30 buy ins across those stakes in the matter of a few days, with 80% of that all in by river with 70%+ Equity, only to be sucked out on the river again and again and again. 20% of losses towards end were no doubt tilt related ;-)

I dont want this to be a bad beat moan, so a couple of thoughts/questions. I know variance is higher at PLO, but is that typical or just some seriously bad luck?

I had effective nuts on flop or turn each time, so was piling in the cash as i would in NLHE to either get paid off by draws or price them out and take pot down so is that the right tactic still at PLO or should i be more cautious? (However hands with 2 pair/top or over pair where i was being more cautious i still got stiffed on the river a lot this week!)

Also, i was playing on Zoom on Pokerstars, is this kind of result more likely in that format?

Luckily it is micros rather than a shot at higher stakes so bankroll can take a £100+ hit quite happily, just wondered what if anyone had any comments or perspective on it.


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