Was my call on the turn correct?

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Was my call on the turn correct?

Seat 1: Villain (392.60).
Seat 2: Hero (324).
Player Villain has small blind (2)
Player Hero has big blind (4)
Player Hero received cards: [5s7cAs8d].
Player Villain raises (10)
Player Hero raises (32)
Player Villain calls (24)

* FLOP *: [8s 5d 2s]]
Player Hero bets (48)
Player Villain calls (48)

TURN : [8s 5d 2s] [2d]]
Player Hero bets (88)
Player Villain is allin (308.60)
Player Hero allin (152)
Uncalled bet (68.60) returned to Villain

* RIVER *: [8s 5d 2s 2d][Jh]}
------ Summary ------
Pot: 647. Rake 0.96. JP fee 0.04
Board: [8s 5d 2s 2d Jh]
Player Villain shows: Two pairs. 5s and 2s [Qd Kh 5c 10d]. Bets: 324. Collects: 0. Loses: 324.
*Player Hero shows: Two pairs. 8s and 5s [5s 7c As 8d]. Bets: 324. Collects: 647. Wins: 323.

On the turn I thought that he might have AAxx, KKxx, or a hand with a 2. I didn't think he had AAxx or KKxx because he didn't 4-bet me pre. So I thought his range consisted of a hand with a 2 or it was just a pure bluff. Is my analysis here correct or should I have folded? Keep in mind that Villain is very aggressive.

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