Weird FH decision OTR

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Weird FH decision OTR

(Hand is from Global, sorry for the formatting.)

PLO50, 6-handed.

Folds to CO, who limps with ~$53 left.

Hero (BTN) raises to $2.25 with Ad3dKc3c, leaving ~$61. SB folds.

BB (starts hand with ~$57; we saw them make a spewy play at another table, but our sample on them is very limited) calls, CO calls.

Flop ($7): Kd6c3h.

BB bets $7. CO folds.

Hero is confused. K33 in hand means villain could have 66 somewhat easily, but it's a strange lead for them in general. I err on the side of calling when I'm confused, so I call.

Turn ($21): 3h6cKd 6d

Villain checks.

Great. Villain has quads. I check.

River ($21): 3h6cKd 6d Td

Villain bets $10.50.

I hit "time bank" and start thinking.

I beat, like, zero value hands taking this line: 66, KK (blocked, but possible), K6 (ditto).

I also block villain's best value-cut/bluff with the ace of diamonds.

But for the price... if villain is ever doing something kind of goofy... (remember, I noted villain as being somewhat spewy due to a different hand)...

Can we call?

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