What are the reasons for betting or checking here?

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What are the reasons for betting or checking here?

Blinds: $1.00/$2.00 (4 Players) CO: $200.00 (Hero)
BN: $215.60
SB: $313.35
BB: $666.57
Preflop ($3.00) Hero is CO with 8 K A J
Hero raises to $7.00, BN folds, SB calls $6.00, BB calls $5.00
Flop ($21.00) K 8 4
SB bets $14.96, BB folds, Hero calls $14.96
Turn ($50.92) K 8 4 3
SB checks, Hero bets $36.69, SB raises to $148.00, Hero raises to $178.04 and is all in, SB calls $30.04

So this hand looks standard at first glance, however, it got me thinking. First of all, given that the opponent led such a dry board into two opponents and overcalled an open raise from the SB, his range should contain quite some KK combos. I also have trouble finding many draws in his flop leading range.

Now, when he checks the turn to us, how should we structure our betting and checking range? I guess we do have better hands than just naked top two, so should we be checking the weaker part of our range? At the same time, I feel like the weak top two pairs need protection so they want to bet more often? At the same time, protection against what? There are not as many wraps in our opponent's range I guess?

So basically, I am trying to figure out if there is anything else we should do in a somewhat standard spot to increase or ev.

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