Which hand would you rather 4-bet?

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Which hand would you rather 4-bet?

Hehe, the image upload failed miserably...can't see the stack sizes so I'll write them next to each hand in the text.

Hand 1 (AKQ7ss Nut suit) (260bbs deep vs squeezer, 330bbs deep vs btn)

Villain plays 55/36/17/16 VPIP/PFR/3B/Squeeze over a large sample. He squeezes 14% sb v co over a large sample but has a tendency
to widen his 3b-ranges a lot when theres a big fish in the game (btn). This session his 3b/sq passed 30% on all the tables where
there was a fish (mainly by 3betting the fish a lot, or squeezing often whenever the fish raised/called pre flop). I've seen him do it before and it seems to just be his game plan whenever there's someone vpiping

70 to 3b and squeeze all kinds of trash hands although he widens his range drastically if he's down or has just lost a big pot. Not sure if he really does squeeze exactly 30%, but it's almost certainly between 25-40%
depending on who the fish is and how tilted villain is. Villain is very positionally unaware, he opens 50-55% from all positions except from
EP where he tightens up slightly to ~45%. He plays pretty straight forwardly on the river even though he likes to cb and barrel a lot flop-turn even in 3-way pots. His flop checks are honest and usually means x-f, but he likes to go for the x-r on turns with top2+ / straights when the spr is about 3-6.
I think he's noticed that I've called him flop-turn a lot in the past and taken it away on the river so he's started to throw
in some more river bluffs than he used to.
I don't have much of a sample on the recreational on the button, but his VPIP is over 70
seems to flat at least 60% otb, and 3bets about 5-6% overall. If villain 5bets I can be pretty confident he is very AA/AKK/KKds-heavy
and fold. Villain (sb) does cb a fair bit in 3way 3b pots, and it feels like my hand particularly dislikes the bad relative position gets into a lot of marginal situations when we flop naked top pair or pair+GS.

Hand 2 (AJ85ds) (160bbs deep vs squeezer, 200bbs vs sb-caller)
Villain plays 59/37/31/29 VPIP/PFR/3B/Squeeze over a 100 hand sample. His 3b sb/bb vs btn is 50% (12/24). I really only have one read on villain: he likes to fight for pots/try to steal pots otf by raising, doesn't really fold the turn vs cbets (0/9 fwiw) but has a
tendency to give up on the river (at least if it looks like your range is SDV-heavy and draws miss). Aggression by street: 36/41/22 but not a big sample though.
He did just get stacked by sb maybe 5 hands ago, and seemed to ramp up the aggression after that. Sb seems to be a standard, not too creative reg.
Sb is probably capable of flatting AA here, but didn't seem to be observant enough to do so since he kept flatting and folding to bb's
3bets (not realizing that he would get 3-bet around 50% from most positions) and just playing passively overall.

Hand 3 (JT97ss) (200bbs deep)

I didn't have a hud when I played this hand. BB was a splashy LAG, 3betting a lot, but hardly any sample. I think he had 3b or squeezed
3-4 times the last 8-10 hands. He showed down AA once when he 3b me btn vs mp, and showed some very speculative hands the two other times he 3b and went to showdown (don't remember the hands exactly, but hands that most people wouldn't include in a 15% 3b-range).
He seemed to play ok post flop, and I didn't get any reliable reads. I remember he almost auto-cbet every 2-way pot though. Btn is a sub-par lag who flats between 30-40% otb, plays pretty straight forwardly on the river, under-bluffs in general and likes to bet flop/turn merged and check back the river with a large fraction of his flop/turn cb-ranges. I have seen btn 4b in similar spots with AKJ5ss Jhigh suit, and AK53ds when a new player 3-bets a lot. Our hand plays better with poor relative position than the AKQ7ss in my opinion but the low suit may be difficult to play if we flop something like pair+FD or gutter+FD. The IP-player in this hand will not play as meekly and straight-forwardly as the fish in hand 1.

Which (if any) hand would you 4-bet? Which hand would you rather 4-bet?

Feel free to comment on just one of the hands, I realize this became a longer post than I intended since it seemed silly not to include
some post flop reads. Just ask if you want more info on the players.

Any input is welcome, GL!


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