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1/2 on a poker app. Stuck 150bbs in 30 hands, table image is loose/aggressive. Villain is a solid TAG. Effective stacks $448.41

Hero UTG: opens $6
Villain CO: raise $20
Hero UTG: raise $66
Villain CO: calls $66

Pot: $137.4
Flop: Kd 5c 7h
Hero: Bets 55.70
Villain: Call $55.70

Pot: $248.8
Turn: Kd 5c 7h Qs
Hero: Check
Villain: Bet $94
Hero: Call $94

Pot: $436.8
River: Kd 5c 7h Qs 7s
Hero: Check
Villain: Bet 342.47
Hero: Call 238.71

Final Pot: $914.22

In the moment, felt pretty uncomfortable playing this spot this deep OOP. In general, I noticed my play becomes more passive with deeper stacks (200bbs+), probably due to inexperience playing deep, something to improve for sure. Didn't feel great check calling turn/river. Felt like villain was KK or QQ.

On the river, Obvious hands I beat are AK (which i semi-block), KQ, missed straight draws (unlikely given preflop action), maybe J10s. I lose to KK, QQ, 77, 55, 75.
Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome. Specifically, preflop 4 bet sizing oop, flop bet sizing and turn/river line. As played, ever consider folding river?

This is my first hand history post (any suggestions for post are always appreciated).

June 27, 2020 | 12:22 a.m.

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