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I am ESL speaker so sorry for any English mistakes

Hello Run it Once Community,

After 10 years of dreaming about this and some years of planning after university last week I quit my job to follow the poker dream. Although, I do know that the community is in general against this kind of bold move I have six years of living expenses and other good reasons for doing this. I can/will probably talk more about this later but I am going to focus on the future in my first post.

Anyway, let's talk about poker now!

I am a top-down thinker so I will start my poker journal with some long-term goals/life vision/pie in the sky thoughts and I am going to arrive at my goals for the next week.

What is the poker dream?
The poker dream to me is to be a good poker player, be a world-class expert on one poker-related subject (gto, database analysis, psychology, career-planning, media, business, etc) and make good enough money playing and on poker-related activities like coaching/twich/team/etc.
For anyone that is going to follow my journey is important to note that my goal is not to be just a professional poker player, defined as someone that makes most of their income from playing poker, so the journal is going to reflect that. Although, I do not intend to post anything personal if I think that a subject is something significant to have a good poker-related career I will talk about that.

* 48-month goals*
1) Make at least 12 thousand dollars on a poker-related income that does not include playing
2) Make at least 10 dollars an hour playing poker
3) Relocate to a low tax/tax-free country

12-month goals
1) Study 1500 hours of poker
2) Make at least 2400 dollars playing poker
3) Have 500 followers on my social media (Twitter/Instagram)

6-month goals
1) Beat NL5 for at least a sample of 50k
2) Study at least 700 hours

July goals
1) Study 200 hours of gto wizard
2) Understand all gto ranges preflop for standard sizes - RFI, Call/3bet vs RFI, Call/4bet vs 3 bet, Call/5bet vs 4 bet, Squeezing vs RFI, Cold Calling vs 3 bet , Cold Calling vs 4 bet

10 day goals
1) Study 80 hours of gto wizard
2) Play specific spot on gto wizard for pre-flop ranges - RFI, Call/3bet vs RFI, Call/4bet vs 3 bet, Call/5bet vs 4 bet, Squeezing vs RFI, Cold Calling vs 3 bet

Other Goals - No time Stamp
1) Be a part of BrPC - Brazilian Poker Crew as soon as possible - I think they just accept 25 NL players
2) Move to a European country with ok-ish live games - European rake sucks but I can not live in the US/Canada

Questions to run it once community
1) I am going to start playing on party because I think that rake trap on the micros is a real concern and I guess that they have the better rackback of the industry nowadays, does anyone think differently/have a better alternative?
2) Does anyone regretted becoming part of a poker team?

Instagram: Beabapoker6maxcash

Thank you,

July 6, 2021 | 2:49 a.m.

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