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Ok so i'm at the final table of a $10 27man sng with 8 people left pays top 5, I am currently 2nd in chips, villain being the biggest stack blinds are 150/300

Villain min raises to 600 in the hijack, folds around to me in the BB with JJ i 3bet to around 1950 making the pot 4318 villain calls

Tc 7c 9c - I lead out for a little bit under half the pot making the pot 6,092, Villain shoves, i think for a couple of seconds with my overpair and gutshot, thinking he probably has a 1 club hand like an A or K as i think he would of put me all in after i re-raised with QQ, KK, AA if he had it. or at worse a set



Villain shows Jc 9h

-I think i should of checked the flop, and decide from there but i think he would of shoved either way, Should i fold here ICM considered?

July 19, 2018 | 6:10 p.m.

It's early Stages in a $10+1 mtt on ignition, Blinds are 30-60, No reads on any of the players besides the guy in the SB who played previous hand aggressive with rags.

Hero: 3,710, UTG+2: 4,900, Cutoff: 2,348

5 players limp to me in the SB with 6s 6d I just call

7c 4d 5h checks around to cutoff who bets 360 , I flat making the pot 1,080, it folds around to utg+2 who then re-raises to 900 making the pot 1,980
Cutoff proceeds to shove all in pot is now 3,908, With my open ended straight draw I hesitate and then call followed by UTG+2

UTG+2 shows 7h 6h, Cutoff shows 10h 8h

Turn: 10c


Cutoff scoops the pot

Should I have re-raised preflop? (I felt like set-mining without bloating the pot was the best way to go especially so early in the mtt)

Should I be calling the All-In? (Considering everyone in the pot did limp pre, I knew I was bound to run into some 2 pairs maybe a set at worse a, I was getting around 35% to call (correct me if I'm wrong) with my set)

July 15, 2018 | 12:30 a.m.

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