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Thats just my opinion and what i'd play with though.. in a bounty people are going to call wider, in a freezeout theyre just going to call profitable hands in to multiway shoves such as AKs, AKo, AA, KK QQ, maybe JJ, AQs, AQo. So, even with 66 isolating here is best as we can avoid the multiway pot and flip it with a 12BB range.

Aug. 23, 2019 | 2:45 p.m.

Are we battling for a bounty here or is it normal freezeout? If its a normal freezeout with 50BB personally 66+ A7s+ ATo+ maybe even A9o+ all seems profitable play for me to iso.

Aug. 23, 2019 | 12:40 p.m.

Comment | CBetChamp commented on Bet sizing math

Knowing the PST (position, stack, tendencies) of villian would help massively here. How do you usually play hands you go for value? (This will usually be a tell for villian), how did the action play out during postflop and turn?

Aug. 23, 2019 | 12:33 p.m.

Hi Pedro. I'll take that on board. What would you suggest doing in this spot? Check/call?

Jan. 10, 2019 | 8:29 p.m.

Post | CBetChamp posted in MTT: $2.20 MTT - 55 BU play.

PokerStars Hand #195408722779: Tournament #2493727918,
$0.96+$1.00+$0.24 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level VIII (50/100) -
2019/01/06 22:29:22 WET [2019/01/06 17:29:22 ET] Table '2493727918
178' 9-max Seat #3 is the button Seat 1: tropi2705 (2106 in chips, $1
bounty) Seat 2: Sergen969 (6084 in chips, $1 bounty) Seat 3: CBetChamp
(4010 in chips, $1 bounty) Seat 4: hairovthedog (8847 in chips, $2
bounty) Seat 5: Tubarão173 (2697 in chips, $1 bounty) Seat 6: ljma12
(22262 in chips, $1.50 bounty) Seat 7: Baytea (3848 in chips, $1
bounty) Seat 8: Vitaly66606 (9689 in chips, $1 bounty) Seat 9:
boyamador (5135 in chips, $1 bounty) tropi2705: posts the ante 15
Sergen969: posts the ante 15 CBetChamp: posts the ante 15
hairovthedog: posts the ante 15 Tubarão173: posts the ante 15 ljma12:
posts the ante 15 Baytea: posts the ante 15 Vitaly66606: posts the
ante 15 boy
amador: posts the ante 15 hairovthedog: posts small blind
50 Tubarão173: posts big blind 100

* HOLE CARDS Dealt to CBetChamp [5s 5c] ljma12: raises 200 to 300 Baytea: folds Vitaly66606: folds boy_amador: folds tropi2705:
folds Sergen969: calls 300 CBetChamp: calls 300 hairovthedog: folds
Tubarão173: calls 200
FLOP * [5h Jc 4c] Tubarão173: checks ljma12: checks Sergen969: checks CBetChamp: checks

* TURN * [5h Jc 4c] [7c] Tubarão173: bets 693 ljma12: calls 693 Sergen969: folds CBetChamp: raises 2078 to 2771 Tubarão173: calls 1689
and is all-in ljma12: raises 2078 to 4849 CBetChamp: calls 924 and is
all-in Uncalled bet (1154) returned to ljma12

* RIVER [5h Jc 4c 7c] [8s]
SHOW DOWN * ljma12: shows [Ac 8d] (a pair of Eights) CBetChamp: shows [5s 5c] (three of a kind, Fives) CBetChamp collected 2626 from
side pot Tubarão173: shows [Jh 7h] (two pair, Jacks and Sevens)
CBetChamp collected 8531 from main pot CBetChamp wins $0.50 for
eliminating Tubarão173 and their own bounty increases by $0.50 to
$1.50 Tubarão173 finished the tournament

BB (played 29 hands, VPIP 55%, PFR 14%, Aggression: 1)
UTG (played 106 hands. VPIP 40% 15%. Aggression 1.9)
UTG has the whole table covered with 219.47BB, so I expect him to be raising alot more hands and defending more hands.

Pre flop, I don't mind calling here IP with 55 as UTG could be raising with Ax, small pairs, J4o+ 82s+ K6o+ which is all in his range and I believe I have 38% equity pre flop.

Flop, we hit the set. I feel like I should of raised but I also don't mind the check here as I feel in this stake players react better to ABC poker, bet when you're strong so I feel like I could of got more value from the turn.

Turn: Now I wish I had of bet the flop but it ain't a bad card, we have a lot of 2 pairs in BB range, I don't really feel UTG has a hand yet has he calls down and I feel like he'd be more aggressive especially with a bounty to the small stack on his right he would of re-raised so I don't mind squeezing here as I cover BB and if he does have a pair, 2 pair then great, we'd get paid if he's bluffing we get him to fold and I take the pot down. I know the UTG is going to call because he's playing for the bounties so he could be calling with the air and to add more comfort I have around 78% equity right here to win the hand against UTG's range. He raises and I obviously have to call with 78% equity and the gutshot straight draw.

Jan. 9, 2019 | 6:29 p.m.

Less than 12BB I'd probably shove this river but you got plenty of time (if it isn't a hyper/turbo) with 20BB and wr don't need to risk it for a hand which can be dominated in all aspects. We got around 38% chance of hitting the turn or river. We're looking at a lot of air combos aswell from Villain when he's betting pot, 77,88,JJ,QQ,KK,AA, AT, A9, sets would of went for value on this board and a pot size bet is telling me he's trying to steal rather than going for value (unless the guy is aggressive as hell and just a complete clueless person). Though with a lot of air combos we are still dominated so 12BB or less is the only way I'm going to even consider a shove, calling wouldnt be an option due to our SPR.

If anyone can correct me I'll be grateful.

Jan. 9, 2019 | 5:54 p.m.

Comment | CBetChamp commented on Line check

Hi mate.

Preflop - i personally don't mind the call, though i ain't entirely sure on how BB/UTG+1 is playing but if BB limps a lot and likes to see a lot of flops and UTG +1 is loose and aggressive who raises first in quite a bit i would deffo be re-raising this hand we shouldn't be letting them see the flop with possible junk hands so we'd like to eliminate them also with this we can percieve our range stronger than it so we get more fold equity with our cards.

Flop - not a bad flop for us with midpair, backdoor straight, flush draw. We still got a lot of outs though not a lot outs which guarentee us the best hand especially if that diamond hits the turn. I'd probably go for a 65-75% raise to be fair especially with the 2 check behind us, i personally would be happy with taking the pot right here since if the flush comes we aren't guarenteed the best hand right now and are at high risk. Only hands i see calling are Q9+ A8+. I dont see a lot of TT+ checking this flop. We are ahead on this flop.

Turn: Jh. It's not a great card, yeah it gives us the gutshot but gives BB a card within his range. BB checks, i personally would of raised this turn card again, BB has been playing passive and looks like he wants the cheapest showdown possible. I'm saying he's playing with a 44+ ,weak Q, 8 , 2pair(which could be trying to trap) or chasing the flush draw.

River: Great card for us, BB checks again, he's missed the flush draw and if he's going to call he'll deffo be calling with Qx, maybe QJ at most. I personally would of bet around 7k too, maybe 10k max. Though , what about a small overbet?

Just my opinion and trying to learn by engaging, hope you don't mind.

Jan. 9, 2019 | 5:10 p.m.

So, I've decided to use google sheets to actually start recording properly of how things go as it will be easier for me to show you all.

PartyPoker micro MTTs are a little bit steep so I ain't really doing BR management there. As long as it is in the micro category. To be fair, it's been a bad night tonight, stupid decisions by myself.
Going to hit the study tomorrow for a while then get back onto grind on Saturday. However, the progress I'm seeing in the results aren't "the biggest scores" and etc. However, I'm seeing progress in my play, how my decision process works and I feel like I am improving ever so slightly in the micros. My goal in this is to actually turn myself into a profitable player rather than a losing player.

Dec. 28, 2018 | 1:32 a.m.

I've split my BR in half so I can play on 2 sites. PokerStars and PartyPoker.

I added $10 into my BR to even the BR out on both sites.
PokerStars BR: $69
PartyPoker BR: $64.

I had a great session last night however, got lucky at times however finished up 6/3.2k in the $2.20 Bounty, locking up $134 on PokerStars. However, I'm down $9 on PartyPoker.

PokerStars BR: $206.
PartyPoker BR: $55

Total BR: $261.

Time for another grind today, I'm feeling good at the moment. Studying hard and motivated.

Dec. 27, 2018 | 1:29 p.m.

So today I had another grind and trialed out the Hand2Note HUD, which I quite like.
Played some Winter Series, didn't really get much progress in it but once again it ain't coming from my BR. Cashed a few tournaments, having a deep run in the Big $3.30 finishing 25/3122, which I am quite happy. Busting AJ v 88 (losing to a set to a pair). I feel I am getting better mentally however I am quite sloppy with some decision making at times and I feel it's something I have to work on.

So, weekly target (9 days since I completed one target this week) was $100.

BR start: $30
Start of session BR: $66
Current BR: $112.66.

New target: $200.

So another target I've set myself. 8 days ago I've started this challenge, though I've only had 4 days with this challenge since Sunday was a day of my own money (not challenge related).

So, the way things are going. I am happy, I failed to study today and I probably won't study until Boxing Day morning.

Have a good Christmas people, hope you all have a time well spent with family/friends. Hopefully tomorrow night, I'm gonna be back on the micro grind to ship a few small fields.

Dec. 24, 2018 | 11:48 p.m.

I've made the decision to add in funds to my BR for the Winter Series so I can freely play so I won't include the funds into the BR challenge, however if I do manage to pick up a score I will include the winnings into my BR.

Weekend schedule:
Saturday: Study hard, have a beer or two.
Sunday: Smash the opening day of Winter Series!

Since I've hit my target already I'm going to up it already so I have 9 days to hopefully hit it.
Target: $100.

I feel more motivated and determined to study and learn so let's work hard on tomorrow's study, and get prepped for a long night on Sunday. 5 Winter Series MTTs on the schedule along with the odd $1.10 MTT.

My mindset is becoming better, learning is becoming more efficient, and I'm fully enjoying it.

Dec. 22, 2018 | 3:49 a.m.

Comment | CBetChamp commented on Weird 99 hand

He seems tight with someone who 3bets 3-4% of his hands tells me he's only really 3betting big hands especially OOP.. How are you playing? Are you playing passice? Maybe he expects you to call with mid pairs, AJ+. Calling pre doesn't really give you a bluffing range on this board, maybe also calling pre knocks AA, QQ out of your range of course you could of had 77 in your bluffing range. However, big raise on a rather dry board, hes aiming for maximal value on this board in the worst possible way and it just seems fishy enough to fold especially from an open from BB.

Once again, i ain't a pro or nothing. I'm just trying to learn myself.

Dec. 21, 2018 | 7:28 p.m.

Comment | CBetChamp commented on Weird 99 hand

What's the tendencies of BB? He 3 bets 3-4% in 200 hands? Easy fold anyway. I see a 2x bet PF, I'd call too. Though, on the Big Blind we've got to assume he's only going to be leading maybe top 12% -15% of hands.

Flop: that's one massive bet, and one I would not be calling. We're assuming top 12%-15% of hands on his range. Only thing we beat right now is 88. AK, AQ, KQ. We're dominated against alot of pairs. It's a simple fold especially with someone who's willing to commit 30BB+on a 744 flop. Its too suspicious,.

Dec. 21, 2018 | 3:46 p.m.

At the moment, i wouldn't put Villain on QQ so more of, 2 pairs, flush draws, flush, straight. If we continue, then a 7 or a 8 would benifit us greatly. Others may benefit us but we also gotta be careful of higher full houses

I'd call and reevaulate hard on the river. We got a 3-1 chance of making quads/full house and if we hit we gain a lot of value from this opponent. .

Dec. 21, 2018 | 3:39 p.m.

Comment | CBetChamp commented on Bad x OTT?

Depends on if the V is passive , is he usually a cqlling station?

Calling behind PF, i wouldn't say he had KK, AA, QQ. Looking at AQ, AK, QT, alot of connector combos. Bottom pairs.

Call on the flop and at low stakes most people will tend to value bet on the flop, so i reckon if he did have AK, he would of re-raised. Calls down so it puts me on open straight draws, some Tx combos. Once again, depends on his tendencies too.

Turn, i reckon a second barrell wil l get him to fold all of his bluffing combos, leaving only his nut combos. So we still have AQ , Tx , 89 and other connector combos But as it goes down, check, check.

River: checking herw is best, we,re beat by a lot of hands. Tx, 9x, AQ, only hands we're beating right now are hands that should be out of his range. Can we bluff the river though? If the player has WTSD with a very wide range and is a tight passive guy, folds to alot of delayed c-bets then I'd send the bet down range.

That's my opinion, i probably would of raised the flop 170, now he's getting around 2-1 odds to call instead of 3-1 when he's possibly chasing OESDs, GSD, low pairs. Barrelling the turn is what I'd do. Most people will value bet if they hit their straights on the turj as they want to achieve some value before reaching the river.

I'm still learning but i thought i may aswell put my input in so I'm learning more

Dec. 21, 2018 | 3:26 p.m.

Learning path is all theoretical. I'm new to the site but what I tend to do is focus on 2 things per day. Having more than 1 coach teaching one subject is good because you got more opinions and when you conduct your own hand reviews and etc you use both opinions to the way it suits you. So, I personally find it better and prefer it, also feel like I'm benefiting more from more opinions than just one.

Dec. 20, 2018 | 6:14 p.m.

Current BR: $32:13
Literally 30 minutes after I posted this, I was just browsing and decided to try out a satty for the $4.40 Bounty Builder.

Won a seat. So, yeah. I finished 93/3122, knocking up $34.

Within 2 days I've completed my weekly target and I can comfortably play $0.25 SnG now with my BR.

Target:$45. Bankroll: $66.19.
15+ hours Study. (Currently 5 hours)

Going to take a 3 day break so I can enjoy Liverpool, just chill and recap on the things I've already learnt instead of pushing more information in my head just yet.

Dec. 18, 2018 | 4:01 p.m.

I was going to stream but we currently have a storm, internet is laggy enough watching twitch nevermind streaming it.

so I decided to cancel my session this morning after 2 hours, hoping it will get better by this evening so I can have one last grind before heading off to Liverpool for 3 days.

Target: $45. Currently: $32.13

I don't think my mindset was there today because I was getting annoyed with the internet.
Also, becoming increasingly annoyed at these super micro SnGs. It's pure luck, there's no skill required in them and I personally feel I won't improve on my game at this level but that's my opinion. Also, time to get a game is quite annoying. Sometimes it's pure slow and some times it's okay. Anyone else have a different opinion? I'd love to hear it.

I'm debating moving up and playing more $0.25, despite it being out of my 150-200 buy in. I'm open to suggestions.

Dec. 18, 2018 | 11:05 a.m.

So tomorrow, I'm going to stream day 2 of the journey. If anyone wants to pop in, feel free (twitch link is in OP). Starting at 0730 GMT.

I don't expect much viewers as $0.10, $0.25 would be pretty boring to watch, however I seem to think better and focus more when I have an audience because I don't want to be criticized.

I have also made up weekly goals.

17/12/18 - 24/12/18:

15+ hours Study. (Currently 2 hours)
1HR+ hand review (before or after each session).

Target: $45. Currently: $32.23.

Dec. 17, 2018 | 9:44 p.m.

Yeah, 4 table is max for me. Though, I am tempted to maybe throw in a $0.55 once per session then drop it down to 3 tables.

Dec. 17, 2018 | 5:18 p.m.

So first session was okay, a lot of bad play from myself and also a lot of good calls which I've probably would of folded if it wasn't for the learning path.

Session BR start: $30.
Session BR end: $32.23.

Playing these $0.02, $0.10 with the odd $0.25 SnG is boring because it's just full of idiots. Trying to find the spots to be able to call is breaking me, so I mostly just blind out. Adjusting my play might be the best scenario here. However, I'm determined to stick to the BR management. I don't really want to play a lot of $0.25 because I'm trying to stay at 200 buy in limit. So once, I hit $50, I'll play more $0.25, $100 = $0.50.

Now, it's time to study, hand review and chill out.

Dec. 17, 2018 | 4:20 p.m.

I hope that's the case. Baby steps.

Dec. 17, 2018 | 12:10 a.m.

Hi there. I thought I'd do a little topic about my winter study challenge, this way I personally can keep track of where I started and where I will end. Here we go, my name's Karl. I started RIO 5 days ago, and I am glued to the content. I love poker but I am a losing player so I believe in investing into something I enjoy.

So the challenge is:

BR: $30.
End date: 08/01/2018.

I will be playing pretty much $0.02, $0.10, $0.25 buy ins (SnGs, sattys). So, yeah. Hopefully it goes well.
I will be streaming during parts of it. www.twitch.tv/karlabbott if you fancy watching how I get on.

Hope you all look forward to seeing progress (very little lol).

Dec. 16, 2018 | 11:58 p.m.

Main thing here is not to be result oriented. The shove here is perfectly played. A strong overcard, players will fold due to pay jumps, if everyone folds you take the pot.

Dec. 13, 2018 | 3:46 p.m.

Also with the Villian on 12BB we are going to assume his wide is a little wider as he is basically in the open shove stack. With him, raising 3BB I'd consider it a strong hand (AT+)as he wants someone to play . I probably would of laid 55 down in this case.

Dec. 13, 2018 | 3:40 p.m.

Unsure on what the Villains style however

Villain standard PFR 3BB, Hero calls. Standard.

What is the Villains range in LP? Is he TAG/LAG?

Flop shows 7QK. Villain checks, thing is I'd ask myself is he trapping or on a draw? I'd probably throw in a 6BB bet here. You got 55, if he calls you know he's definitely trapping or possibly chasing that straight. But most likely with this flop he would fold and if he does call you evaluate the turn, maybe double barrel.

summary.You basically gave him the free cards, playing it softly, PF: call, Flop: check, turn: standard half pot bet.. what was your focus on the turn? Want him to.fold? Value betting?

Dec. 13, 2018 | 3:36 p.m.

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