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Hello everyone,,
I am a new poker player--started playing online this summer and tried one live $2/5 game when I was out of town. I'm going out of town in a week and plan to try playing again (they have $1/3).

At that live game I was so nervous--I found it so hard to keep track of everything. I'm used to having everything counted out in front of me along with written player notes.

Suddenly I had to calculate everyone's stack sizes, the size of the current pot, even counting out the chips I needed to bet was hard (no "half pot" button!). I found it hard to keep up and couldn't focus on categorizing the players or anything. I played pretty tight, and somewhat luckily still came out ahead.

How did you all get good at doing math with chips? Is there a way I can practice this other than just playing at such games? (I don't have people to play with)

Should I just sit in a room and put random amounts into pots to practice? How did you all get so good at it?

Nov. 21, 2019 | 6:52 a.m.

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