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Thanks fro your thoughts here, much appreciated. I'll make a couple of adjustments to my game as you suggest.

July 10, 2020 | 6:25 p.m.

I think the hand below has played out in a pretty standard way apart from my comments?

It was literally the first hand at the table so no reads.

No Limit Hold'em $0.10/$0.20
888 Poker
6 players
Formatted by pokercopilot.com: Poker HUD for Mac and Windows

UTG - UTG ($20.30)
MP - MP ($20.62)
CO - CO ($23.37)
BTN - BTN ($20.00)
SB - SB ($21.13)
BB - Hero ($20.00)

Preflop: ($0.30, 6 players) Hero is BB with Qd Qs
3 folds, BTN raises to $0.50, 1 fold, Hero raises to $1.50, BTN calls $1.00

Pretty standard raise, or should it be slightly larger because I will be out of position on the flop.

Flop: 3s Qc 2s ($3.10, 2 players - BTN: $18.50, Hero: $18.50)
Hero bets $2.04, BTN raises to $5.10, Hero raises to $15.30, 1 fold, Uncalled bet of $10.20 returned to Hero

Here I cbet for value as its a pretty dry board. When Villan raises the flop I'm putting him on a range of AQ/KQ/88+ and AxS/KxS (Spades) and total air (Playing position). I'm thinking that any Q or FD calls. Have I been too aggressive here? Should I just be calling his raise and then firing again on the turn?

Total Pot: $13.30

Hero wins $12.64

July 9, 2020 | 9:35 p.m.

Post | D94ccm posted in Courses Forum: Percentage ranges for course player types.

Hi all,

Really enjoying the course and learning a lot.

Does anyone have any idea about how to create percentage ranges for player types?

for example, Pete constantly refers to player as Pro, nitty reg or loose rec etc. In order that I can create these player types on my HUD, is there any default ranges to start with. For example the VPIP and a PFR of a nitty reg might be 7-10/6-8 (this could be wrong). But just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or if there is previous thread on this.

Thanks in advance

July 9, 2020 | 6:30 p.m.

Guys, thanks for the comments here. Some really good things for me to reflect on, in reply order;


  • At this point, my capacity for in game thought is still somewhat limited and I don't pay a huge amount of attention to how my image may be perceived. I do understand the thinking and my HUD is set to reset each time I sit down so that I can see what my image might be, but once I'm in the thick of things, I do forget to consider this factor. Having said that, I do favour taking the lead in betting and am pretty aggressive, I have a high C-bet flop percentage and have recently developed this same habit on the turn too, particularly when I am OOP.- This will now be a work on going forward for me to consider while in the hand. Appreciate your thoughts and this tip will cerntrinaly help me to narrow his range.

Dan Self:
You make it very clear and logical as to why the hand might be slow played on the flop, there is little to hurt villain here so it is likely that he may have played it that way.
With regards to leading on the flop, the reasoning was to try and control the river bet. I was hoping to bet small and get called, therefore getting to showdown for a cheaper price that possibly having to call a bigger bet having checked first. I do understand the point about keeping a bluff in the range, he certainly is not calling my bet with a bluff and so on reflection, why am I betting apart from pot control? - So I probably be check calling on the river when I suspect a bluff? How would I differentiate that from making a small block bet more appropriate? What might be the factors to consider?


Great point about being low in my range, did not consider this while playing the hand. As mentioned I led the river for pot control. The small block be has become a bit of a habit for me and I do it without giving it solid consideration sometimes. I should be check calling here then.


Point taken re the fold OTT. When you say he doesn't have 7x/88/99, do you mean that following the raise on the turn or following the end of the turn play?

Thanks all for the time you have taken to help me with this.

July 7, 2020 | 4:05 p.m.

Post | D94ccm posted in NLHE: In hand thought process....


So I'm currently getting myself back into poker after being a bit of a rec player over a decade ago. A LOT seems to have changed since I last played. So I purchased Peter Clarke's (From the ground up) course and am currently working my way though it. I'm fine with the concepts but struggle to process it all during the hand and sometimes forget things or freeze etc.

So I'm hoping to post my hand and get some feedback on how I played it with regards to my thinking. Have I got something totally wrong or have I forgotten something.

I tried to use the hand replayed thing but it kept saying 'invalid hand'.

I have no real reads on the villain.

No Limit Hold'em $0.10/$0.20
888 Poker
6 players
Formatted by pokercopilot.com: Poker HUD for Mac and Windows

UTG - UTG ($26.10)
MP - MP ($23.26)
CO - Hero ($23.69)
BTN - BTN ($20.00)
SB - SB ($31.00)
BB - BB ($20.00)

Preflop: ($0.30, 6 players) Hero is CO with Ts Td
2 folds, Hero raises to $0.60, BTN calls $0.60, 2 folds

At this point assume villa has a range of 22 - 88, 78s - JQs 910 - KQ and Broadways.
I would expect 99+, KQs+, AK to 3bet.

Flop: 2s 7d 2c ($1.50, 2 players - Hero: $23.09, BTN: $19.40)
Hero bets $0.49, BTN calls $0.49

I'm reading the flop as fairly dry here and so decide to lead out with a merged range, betting 33%. The call makes me think he has overcards and he is pealing one while playing position. I expect him to raise a 7 and 33 - 88. Quad 2s he has so rarely that its not a concern. Therefore I feel that villain is capped to overcards.

Turn: 5s ($2.48, 2 players - Hero: $22.60, BTN: $18.91)
Hero bets $1.63, BTN raises to $3.26, Hero calls $1.63

For me the turn is pretty much a brick and therefore I lead out again, this time for a larger bet and truing to get some value for what I feel is the best hand. When villain raises me I freeze a bit. A this point I'm now thinking that he has a set with 7s or 5s, or that he has delayed his raise with a hand like 66 or 88. Because I'm not sure I call as it is only a min raise, hoping to spike a 10 on the river or to be able to lead out with a block bet and keep the pot small.

River: Ad ($9.00, 2 players - Hero: $19.34, BTN: $15.65)
Hero bets $2.00, BTN raises to $15.65 (all-in), 1 fold, Uncalled bet of $13.65 returned to BTN

Horrible card for me. This now uncaps his range and gives him an A. I still lead, hoping to keep it cheap. He shoves and I feel I'm beat, I Hollywood for a bit before I lay it down.

Post Action:

Having reviewed the hand afterwards I had a bit more time to think and came up with the following:
Could he have slow played a premium hand PF?
I still think JJ raises the flop.
Does he have A7 or A5s? I totally for got about these doing the hand.
Anyway, I think I made the right decision, I can't find a bluff on the river with that bet. Am I making a mistake here?

Thanks in advance with your patience if this all seems trivial.

July 3, 2020 | 2:44 p.m.

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