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Couple things

1. im sure you are tilted by your betsize buttons auto adjusting the sizing to the nearest sb or bb. If you go into multitabling options, either check on or check off the bet set % of pot (dont round to nearest bb) and it should work the way you intended it since its really frustrating to hit 37% of pot when the pot is 1k and have it pop up 400.

2. have heard from a good friend of mine thats a high stakes reg that cantbeat is probably not harrington. harrington seems to be longerpig, gozoboro, noobmare, jumbabumaba and a couple other names, but i think cantbeat is someone else.

great vid as always!

May 30, 2013 | 3:24 a.m.

actually noticed i miscalculated the rivers when we are 4bet. what i meant was are we leading all rivers that improve us to straight or flush and bluffing on all non board pairing diamonds otherwise. i guess our frequency would be something like bluffing 4 cards and value betting 19 cards. or do we have some other plan of checking cards like the 8d or checking if we make a flush on a board pairing card?

Dec. 26, 2012 | 2:21 a.m.

and one more question about the river sizing.

i understand that this is a good size in the sense that we have some missed draws and some boats and want to bet on the larger side to make our frequencies work out with his pot odds, but since he usually has bricks and occasionally has boats wouldnt it be better to size it down quite a bit to save money when he does have Q5? Or do you think theres some chance he calls river with Txxx vs a 16k bet and folds to a 23k bet?

Dec. 26, 2012 | 1:49 a.m.

awesome video cause my standard is to do the opposite in a few of the decisions so learned a lot.

regarding the AKJ9ccc hand.....
would you reraise the majority of QQ here? I feel like on this specific board QT54ddcc when we block two of the queens a lot of his range is some improved combo draw. so he could have KJ+clubs J98+clubs, 876+diamonds etc. basically what im getting at is that with naked QQ we should be at least slightly worried on any AKJ98763 club or diamond. I know some of these cards are less of a concern than others, i.e. an offsuit J or 7 are not nearly as scary as cards like an A, 8, club or diamond, but that is a pretty massive amount of the deck that isnt great for us. hell even a 2 really isnt a brick and can make 2 straights.

i feel like i would call most QQ here and probably only reraise if i had an 8+ out redraw to go along with it i.e. QQ76 or QQ+ diamonds or QQ+J9 or better. If I had something like QQ97 without a flush draw i think id more likely call and check call most rivers and try to figure out the best way to play the board pairing ones between leading or x/r.

one other comment about it is that even though i do think im calling quite a bit of QQ here on the turn (maybe 75-80% of QQ?) im not too worried about having enough "made hands" to balance when raising a draw this strong as its somewhere between 45 and 50% vs a hand like 55 so its strong enough to be considered as a made hand. So i do think this is a mandatory raise as you said with AKJ9ccc, but i was more wondering about what to do with most QQ here.

and one more question: if you are 4bet on the turn, are we calling and leading all ~19 rivers that give us the nuts and the 7 non board pairing diamonds (side note: if we are bluffing 7/26 on the river in general and sauce is getting roughly 3:1 thats a pretty badass frequency we made :) )? or do you have a different plan in mind?

again sick video. merry xmas!

Dec. 26, 2012 | 1:43 a.m.

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