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Post | DeerNBeer posted in NLHE: Soft fold?

PokerStarsNJ $10 NLHE

HERO SB ($7.45) QsQh
BB ($10)
VILLAIN UTG ($12.59)
MP ($4.70)
CO ($9.27)
BU ($9.85)

VILLAIN calls $0.10
MP/CO/BU fold
HERO raises $0.40
BB calls $0.40
VILLAIN calls $0.40

FLOP [Jc Kh 4c] (Pot: $1.20)
HERO bets $1
BB folds
VILLAIN calls $1

TURN [Jc Kh 4c 7h] (Pot: $3.20)
HERO bets $2
VILLAIN calls $2

RIVER [Jc Kh 4c 7h 5h] (Pot: $7.20)
HERO checks
VILLAIN bets $6.80
HERO folds

Kicking myself after reviewing this hand. Think he shows up with 2 clubs (which I unblock) far more often than a king after limp-calling. At the minimum I should have put in a blocker on the river. Thoughts?

July 19, 2020 | 4:04 p.m.

PokerstarsNJ $5 NLHE
SB ($4.38)
HERO BB ($6.26) [5c2s]
VILLAIN CO ($4.03)
BN ($4.38)

VILLAIN raises to $0.15
BN calls
SB folds
HERO raises to $0.50
BN calls

This is strictly a bluff squeeze play here. I noted villain to be extremely wide preflop and thought this would be a good opportunity to steal a few blinds from villain and button. They both call and I have complete air so now I am just going to play ranges.

FLOP: [Js 5h 4s] (Pot: $1.05)
HERO bets $0.70
BN folds

I loved this flop. It turns my air into a semi-bluff and with the exception of JJ, any Jx hes holding is probably at the bottom of his range now and shouldn't be too comfortable playing. Overpairs he would have 4bet, so I think with my uncapped range I should be able to continue with this unless he hit a set in there.

TURN: [Js 5h 4s 6h] (Pot: $2.45)
HERO bets $0.80
VILLAIN raises to $1.65
HERO calls

This was more of a blocker bet, since he probably just calls with his draws and Jx. He then min raises, and I check my notes. I have noted that a few times he min raises as a bluff or with his draws. I guess in hindsight i should have raised back into him, but I decide to call. Since he called flop its possible he either tried to float me with something like Ahxh (probably not AK or AQ), or he has Jhxh. Either way with the right turn card (K's Q's and 2's not hearts, any 5) i think I can take this pot down, and Im getting a great price with min raise.

RIVER: [Js 5h 4s 6h 5d] (Pot: $5.75)
HERO bets $3.41 and is all in
VILLAIN calls $1.18 and is all-in

Did I get really lucky with this river and took a squeeze play way too far? Or is the thought process I have outlined throughout this hand well played? I think now that I write this out a raise on the turn would have been optimal, since he is now pot committed and probably wont fold if a scare card hits and hes holding Jx. Personally I like the way I played this hand, I think I made proper reads and I played my uncapped range very aggressive but properly. Please correct me if I am wrong and just got very lucky.

July 12, 2020 | 2:36 p.m.

I would like a raise on turn to about ~2.5-3x to push out any of those draws he might be holding. Possibly a blocker bet on river so you know you can fold to any raise pretty comfortably. As played I would have called the river, but letting him get to the river without much resistance on a draw heavy board is probably a mistake.

July 11, 2020 | 2:20 p.m.

I am new to tournament play (used my cash game winnings to play a $3 tournament out of boredom) so this is a pretty basic question. Is this too aggressive to get all my chips in the middle holding an overpair to a low board? Blinds were only at level 3 and although i was near the bottom in chips I still had an M above 30.

PokerstarsNJ $3 KO tournament
Starting chips: 3000 Blind Level: 20/40

HERO MP (2285 chips)
VILLAIN HJ (6060 chips)
SB (4125 chips)

HERO raises to 120 chips
VILLAIN calls 120
SB calls 100 chips
Everyone else folds

FLOP [8s 7d 4c] (Pot: 380 chips)
SB checks
HERO bets 400 chips
VILLAIN calls 400 chips
SB folds

TURN [8s 7d 4c 5d] (Pot: 1180 chips)
HERO bets 1765 and is all in

Is it too early to play this overpair to a low but wet board too aggressive to potentially lose my tournament life on level 3? Or was this a good opportunity to try to double up and get myself deep stacked again? I keep going back and forth on this play.

July 11, 2020 | 1:55 p.m.

Last hand I played: (forget all exact details but I will be close enough to get an idea)

.25/.5 NLHE on random site with friends
UTG (villain) ~$30
BT (Hero) ~$40: AA

PREFLOP: (POT: $0.75)
UTG raise to $1.50
MP, HJ, CO all call
Hero raises to $6
SB, BB fold
UTG, MP, CU, HJ all call

FLOP: 824r (POT: $24.75)
UTG bets $24 and is all in
MP, HJ, CO fold
Hero calls

Villain flips over 8To, rivers a T and takes the pot and the majority of my stack, and types in the chat "whoops"

I am not asking for hand advice here. What I am asking for is real advice on how to deal with tilt and bad runs. I have done everything I can find online, including taking extended breaks, in regards to battling losing runs. I have been on an awful slide and had not played in 2 weeks prior to this. No matter how many books or forums I read or how many hands I study or how much I practice the mental game I cant even seem to win pots when im a massive favorite.

I hate to sound like a pity party over here but this run is killing my confidence and I dont want to play poker this way. I want it to be enjoyable and fun and hopefully the profits will come after I can get my confidence back on the table. This last hand posted above is just the latest in a long run of bad beats and tough spots and any advice on how to handle these extended bad runs would be much appreciated because I want to get back to playing, and playing with confidence and enjoyment. Thanks.

July 9, 2020 | 11:08 a.m.

As far as this hand goes I think it was well played. You showed a lot of strength pre and hit the low flop, situations where, if you had been aggro/c-betting a lot earlier in the game, you will get paid off to someone who wasn't buying it. Just a really tough spot to be in here.

This ties back to what HawksWin said about pressure on low boards. While its true that if you whiff the board with the top of your range you can be pushed off lower boards, when you play the bottom of your squeeze range and hit decently hard, you should be in for a big pay off. All the more reason to open up the squeeze range. Especially at lower stakes games where I have rarely come across a squeeze bluff.

July 6, 2020 | 11:26 p.m.

Unless you had good reason to put villain on AK, which villain probably folds a large amount of time, AK is only a few hands in a range that is beating yours at this point. C-betting the flop is good as you can represent an overpair or 2 spades but his call would normally tell you he hit his 4-bet calling range pretty hard, or he flatted TT-QQ, and its time to give up. The 7 makes his range even stronger and the turn should be check/fold.

In the future leaving out the result of the hand would help get you objective advice. Going through hands thinking about ranges rather than reviewing what he showed down will help you a lot more. In this case, its easy to say "I played AK properly because he should have folded this." If you leave out the result of the hand, commenters are able to tell you you played this range wrong on the turn.

July 5, 2020 | 3:14 p.m.

Comment | DeerNBeer commented on Varying Bet Sizing

I have also kept my preflop raising standard. I was more referring to post flop play and varying bet sizing. For example I was watching a video and the player flopped a monster hand and he explained that he is going to use a 1/3 size bet on the flop to set up a pot/overpot size bet on turn. Situations and betting styles like these are very new to me and this is an area I wanted to learn more about.

July 4, 2020 | 3:27 p.m.

My initial thought is how, up to this hand, do you think you have been perceived by villain up to this point? Have you been aggressive post-flop? In that case he may think his A-combos are good on the dry flop and turn, hence his raise to see if you are just firing off multiple bullets, and even better after he caught his ace on the river.

Or has your post-flop play been rather passive, and thinks he can run an elaborate bluff off you with the right scare cards? Your Pocket tens are a great bluff catcher and if you could have narrowed him down to a bluff, it might have been worth a call.

Either way i think you have to lay this down without a read. He showed a lot of strength and your mid pair didn't match. Showing more strength on the flop with a larger bet or maybe re-raising the turn would have gotten you a better idea of where he stood, running the risk of betting more into a hand that beats yours. i do agree that there aren't many bluff hands here and most of the time he will have your 10s beat.

It seems like after the play had ended you still had him on a wage range and I hope I can give you a few more ideas to help narrow a bit, even if fold is still probably the best play.

July 3, 2020 | 9:43 p.m.

now that you know the result is there now enough for context for you to say that I should have been able to recognize the set or at least consider it a strong possibility on an earlier street?

July 3, 2020 | 6:49 p.m.

Thanks. He turned over pocket 8s for the full house. In fact, between the time of me posting this and you responding, the same situation happened again to me, and I lost majority of my stack both times.

July 3, 2020 | 6:48 p.m.

0.15/0.30 table PokerStarsNJ
SB $22.93
BB (Villain) $29.70 - just sat down at table, first hand
UTG $21.34
MP (Hero) $40.15 KhQc
CO $34.16
BN $53.03

UTG limps for $.30
HERO raises to $1.20
CO, BN, SB all fold
Villain calls $1.20
UTG folds

FLOP: [8s Kd 2s] (Pot = $2.85)
Villain bets $1.50
Hero calls $1.50

I call here because knowing nothing else about this player I probably have him beat (assuming most players would 3bet with AK), and he's charging the flush draw with a donk bet, and can get paid off without showing real strength here. Most donk bets I've encountered on lower stakes tables are a sign of weak-medium strength hands.

TURN: [8s Kd 2s 6d] (Pot = $5.85)
BB bets $5.40
Hero calls

Calling with same mindset as flop. Now I think he just has a worse King than I do and not complete air, and trying to push me out of this hand.

RIVER: [8s Kd 2s 6d Ks] (Pot = $16.65)
BB bets $15.84
Hero calls

To be honest I am not quite sure if I played any of this correctly and any help showing me the better way to play this would be appreciated.

Also, any help explaining how to add a proper hand history to the forums would be appreciated too.

July 3, 2020 | 4:26 p.m.

Comment | DeerNBeer commented on Varying Bet Sizing

much appreciated

July 2, 2020 | 7:35 p.m.

Comment | DeerNBeer commented on Varying Bet Sizing

Im new here so Im trying out the free version, seen a lot of good stuff in the forums asking about specific situations if sizing was correct, but I want to get more into the theory of bet sizing. Do you have any specific books you would recommend?

July 2, 2020 | 6:57 p.m.

Post | DeerNBeer posted in NLHE: Varying Bet Sizing

I am pretty new to the thought process of playing high level poker. I have always been taught that betting 1/2-3/4ths of pot no matter the strength of my made hand or if i want to fire a cbet bluff is good enough to win smaller stakes games, as it helps disguise hands. Through reading and playing I am now trying to develop new skills in my game and hopefully move up to higher stakes games, and quickly realizing one area in particular I think I need work in is proper bet sizing in different situations (when to bet small, when to bet over the pot). Are there any good online articles/chapters in books that anyone knows of that go deep into the different ways to bet size in different situations to A) extract the most value and B) set up good bluffs/shoves?

July 2, 2020 | 5:31 p.m.

Possibly but you were going to call his shove anyway so might as well block the bluff and possibly get him to fold on the turn. I think your options on the turn are check for pot control or shove for fold equity. I lean towards shove because I like to play aggressive, you have him covered by a considerable amount, and because I still think your AK beats his range most of the time.

Checking for pot control would save you some money but still welcoming the bluff.

July 1, 2020 | 9:42 p.m.

Without skipping to the bottom, I personally had him on the flush draw. Calling a pre flop raise and two c/c with 2 to act behind suggests to me he had two clubs. Set of 9s or Aces-up could be in his calling range but I think more often than not you're good in this spot. Ive seen it hundreds of times on 10NL tables or smaller where players realize they've gotten themselves in too deep and just shove with the few last remaining $s to try to bluff. aggression factors on the river would help you make a more informed decision here too.

I think an overbet on the turn to get him all in would have gotten you in a better spot since you already pot committed him with your turn bet. Blocks the bluff on the river and puts money into the pot because I think you AK is good more often than not on the turn.

you lose to (AJ, A3, A6, 99, A9, possibly J9) but beat (AQ, AT, any jack besides AJ, all suited broadways and suited connectors that didn't hit the flush).

Did you win this hand?

July 1, 2020 | 8:43 p.m.

I think the fold is the right play. Having his AF numbers for the turn and river would be helpful to see if he likes to up/slow his aggression after the flop, but I don't think a bet into 2 players on the turn is a spot he would bluff a lot, especially considering is 25/19 numbers suggest he is a good and knowledgable player.

I think this spot possibly warranted a small blocker bet on flop. If he calls he probably checks back to you and you can check back. If he raises you know you're beat.Getting to showdown in the cheapest way possible is the move here. Blocking large bets and giving yourself free cards is the way to do so.

The biggest reason this is a fold for me is this nails his calling range with a lot of two pairs, sets, and possibly the AK for the straight. The calling hands, in my opinion, you beat (maybe KK, AQ, AJ, KQ, maybe AT) are outnumbered to hands you lose to (maybe QQ, JJ, TT, maybe even 22, AK, QJ, QT, JT). Although its pretty close, his aggression out of position makes me lean towards the range that is beating you.

July 1, 2020 | 8:10 p.m.

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