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A struggled month! I think that's why I didn't update weekly lol
As for my daily goals:
1. I achieve my volumn goal every day! Execution 100% feel great!
2. Exercise not much, gonna do it more! Execution like 10%, feel bad about it now!
3. Had study hours like one hour daily, Coach found me a lot statistic leaks and the issue is that I didn't apply strategies well on the tables!! So, I'm gonna reduce my tables and volumn goal and focus on study and new strategy application!
4. Gonna try harder for my sleep time, and read 10 pages of a book!

Conclusion for May:
1. Reduce tables!! Focus on applying new strategies!!
2. Try put exercise at right daily time schedule to make it easier!
3. Disciplined keto diet. Wanna lose weights lol
4. Do dish wash, home clean right away after dinner with family!
5. Read a book on bed around 22:30!
6. Update this journal on Friday to check my weekly execution!

May 2, 2021 | 12:16 a.m.

This Journal is going to be like a ceremony to check the achievement of the consistency of my daily routine goals.
My daily goals include:
1. Play 6max 4~5 hrs.
2. Exercise 2.5 hors.
3. study 2~2.5 hrs. and write down one page conclusion for practical use in my game
4. read books and sleep before 23:00

Poker challenge for this year:
Try to make it to NL200+
Keep the consistency and hopefully I can make this happen!
This Journey starts from 4/1
Gonna update weekly !

April 4, 2021 | 3:24 p.m.

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