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Sept. 16, 2020 | 6:07 a.m.

Post | Flggyuw posted in NLHE: awkward spot AK

Both are regs.no other reads. maybe I should cbet the flop but I tend to do a lot of checking OOP? As played what do you do otr? I block a bunch of missed draws, also block 2pair.

BTN: 492.3 BB
SB: 102.72 BB
BB: 100 BB
UTG: 188.3 BB
Hero (MP): 100 BB
CO: 103.16 BB

SB posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB

Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5 BB) Hero has Ah Kc
fold, Hero raises to 2.2 BB, fold, BTN calls 2.2 BB, fold, BB calls 1.2 BB

Flop : (7.1 BB, 3 players) 9s Ac 6c
BB checks, Hero checks, BTN checks

Turn : (7.1 BB, 3 players) 3d
BB bets 4.79 BB, Hero calls 4.79 BB, fold

River : (16.68 BB, 2 players) Td
BB bets 23.93 BB hero??

Sept. 13, 2020 | 10:28 p.m.

With rake you have to fold this pre, imo. Especially Vs aggressive calling station reg. You're not going to have fold equity when you will need it with this hand.

With the raise you are just isolating Vs better.

Sept. 4, 2020 | 3:09 p.m.

You didn't include sample size which is an important factor in this decision.

Sept. 4, 2020 | 3:03 p.m.

River jam seems ok but turn is weird. He folds out some small pp and 3x and 4x and just value owns vs Jx.

Sept. 3, 2020 | 11:31 a.m.

lIlCitanul you think villain is OB turn with 98? I think this is unlikely.

Honestly think you can just fold turn bc he's going to be weight toward value when he OBs at 50nl and the lack of fds means less bluffs.

Would be interested in what villain turns up with.

Sept. 3, 2020 | 10:45 a.m.

Try going with a couching for profit stable. Look on 2+2 for reviews.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 12:35 p.m.

Comment | Flggyuw commented on Was it a bad fold?

But a set is better than 2 pair? And villain shouldn't have a higher set here given preflop action so it's not like we can say 2 pair is better bc it blocks villains sets.

Also, what 2 pair do we have that checks flop and then raises turn?

Sept. 1, 2020 | 11:31 a.m.

$75 is a lot cheaper than i expected. I think its worth getting at that price.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 9:21 a.m.

its utterly nuts that steals are more successful from the SB than the btn. It's better to play IP with a weak range than oop with a weak range. i'm guessing the reason for this is bc BTN is opening smaller than SB, so giving BB better odds to call and they perceive SB to be opening a strong range.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 8:17 a.m.

Comment | Flggyuw commented on Bad fold?

i think he can have more AK than most though

Sept. 1, 2020 | 8:07 a.m.


What do we put in our checking range? some Ax but we would need something value that villain can barrel us off. would a weak T be good or a T with an over card bc protection. the thing is betting AT-QT can get value from worse T, 3x, 4x and T8 can be VB vs better Tx, but if we check a weak Tx and villain had QJ, KJ and turn comes an overcard villain can value bet for 2 streets vs us.

Whats the best way to learn what to with our range and how to think about these spots?Iis it pio only? I think i should be more advance in my play and thought process before I start using this kind of software. but I dont really know how to learn these spots without it.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 8 a.m.

Comment | Flggyuw commented on Bad fold?

Do you think villain have A2s here with those stats even if it is a small sample?

Sept. 1, 2020 | 7:45 a.m.

the flop was T43 not T32. I think this makes a bit of a difference as we open A4o, 54s, 64s preflop. so bb doesnt have much of a 4 advantage as they do with a 2.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 7:11 a.m.

I cant remember the exact video, sorry

are we semi bluffing this size here bc our 3 is probably the best hand but does require some protection. Is the reason we bet big to incentivize eg A7o to fold. does this mean we our playing a mixed strat here and not cbetting everything small? are we checking some hands?

villain has A2o, A3o (depending on what you open, according to snowie these hands are not opened. i would if SB v BB our not 3betting enough) 43s, 42s which btn doesn't have. does this mean we cannot imply a cbet strat on 1/3rd our entre range?

Sept. 1, 2020 | 7:03 a.m.

Comment | Flggyuw commented on Was it a bad fold?

You need 31% to call here. Villain needs to be bluffing 1 combo of diamonds for every 2 combos of hearts value for you to make the call. If he is ever block betting with AJo (unlikely with that sizing) then it's an easy call.

I'm not folding this hand when I'm unsure what to do. I don't think it matters much but what would you be calling the river in this situation that plays like this?

Sept. 1, 2020 | 6:17 a.m.

I'm quite unskilled at poker and there are many plays I see in videos that I don't understand the logic for. Maybe there other like me who have questions like these.

Btn opens Q3s, BB calls
Flop: T43r
Btn says it's good to bet large here, bets 2/3rds.

What's the logic for this? I see a lot of small bet from button. I get the logic for the small bets
Btn has position and BB is going to have bunch of air and will have to over fold a lot of flops so small bet become very plus EV.

Btn also has a range advantage bc BB never has over pairs. I'm not sure how this plays into sizing tho. Bc yes, btn has OP but has lot of crap too, so idk if that's a reason for a big or smaller bet.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 5:28 a.m.

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