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I noticed this site has had VERY few posts in recent times. I was just checking in to see if anyone still checked these boards. Please give a bump or a yeah or anything as well as any topic you'd like to discuss. I consider myself an O8 enthusiast and would love to discus some topics in the game to improve the overall action of the game as well as skill sets for players in this forum.

Hope someone is reading this so we can keep the forum alive!!!

May 8, 2017 | 10:25 p.m.


Please excuse my brash response however this is my 1st post EVER in any forum, so please be kind.

I think you asked a great questions, it's one I ponder with myself daily. I have a similar graph that I can reference on my playing computer to confirm however I think you'r in great shape! I think your Big Blind winrate may be a shade high but then again in FL HI/LO that's understandable with the wide range of hands you could receive and if your playing a stake or 2/4 for example ppl will give you a lot of opportunities to steal a pot later in the hand. In my humble opinion 4/5 BB/100 is very spot on, I state this because i also have around 5-7k hands and I'm in a similar zone. I also should point out that I consider myself just "OK" at FL hi/lo with many things still to learn. I think the stake level has a lot to do with this as well. I play the majority of my sessions from 2/4-5/10 with some out layers however I think in those zones you can certainly maintain what your seeing.

Another thing to point out is although JCJordypants brings up a great point about your sample size I don't think that advise applies to FL HI/LO as much as it would to say a NL holdem or PLO type game. Depending upon your style (you induce higher variance or shy away from it based on your situational plays) I think a 5k or 10k sample size for Fixed Limit Hi/Lo (only this style) will give you a fairly good indicator of what to expect. I would think you may float up or down 1-2 BB/100 over your career as your skill adjusts to the competition either in a good way or bad. I can say this my results have been steady the entire time, and in a FL split pot game i don't expect to see large variance due to the nature of this type of game. But then again "Large Variance" is a relative term.

I know I plan on being better each set of 10k hands I play and I think you probably do to so just keep in mind you'll be better tomorrow than you are today!

Please let me know your opinion as I would love to hear it! This is my favorite version of poker and seems to be the least understood and or talked about. I hope we can get a great discussion going about this game!

Looking forward to your feedback!

May 4, 2017 | 5:42 p.m.

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