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Post | Hiphopapotamus posted in Chatter: Issue resolved - thank you.

Great resolution, appreciated.

July 11, 2023 | 12:46 a.m.

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July 7, 2023 | 11:01 a.m.

Post | Hiphopapotamus posted in Chatter: Vision issue.


July 1, 2023 | 5 a.m.

Forgetting his stats for a minute, raise-> 3bet, call. Flop 1 pair + gutter on FD board in position. Feels like we can spew bet/call but pref to check back tbh, he’s going to stab with dogshit a lot on turn anyway if we do that. Just my humble op.

June 27, 2023 | 3:34 a.m.

Comment | Hiphopapotamus commented on Vision trial


June 26, 2023 | 11:10 p.m.

Post | Hiphopapotamus posted in PLO: Vision trial

Hi, I’m a new member to essential I’m super interested in vision but to be honest $200 USD is currently 10 buy ins for me which is pretty significant, is there any trial option or anyway for me to grind access via a leaderboard?

Thanks in advance, also if anyone has any recommendations on a learning path for essential PLO videos I’d love to hear about it.

I’m a longtime PLO player who’s been away from the game for 10+ years because #dadlife. Now I’m just a dad donk aye, but I do have some things going for me. Currently beating .10/.25 for 20bb over very small sample. (20k hands mostly 2 tabling.) although I’m playing like dogshit in my humble opinion so I’m optimistic about leveling up.


Ps: am I using the correct forum?

June 24, 2023 | 12:13 a.m.

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