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Hello guys,

Tourney is WCOOP 55$ BB, we are well into the money.

Stacks are:
Hero (UTG): 47.7 bb, 227$ bounty
Villain (BB): 52.2 bb, 75$ bounty

We min raise Ah7h UTG, everyone folds, BB calls.

Kh 6h 3d

Villain check, we cbet 1.8bb, he raises to 5bb, we call.

Turn (pot around 14bb):

Villain bets 11bb, we call.

River(pot around 35bb):

Villain shoves 34bb, putting us all in (we have 29bb left).

Do you ever fold here ?


Sept. 14, 2020 | 12:30 a.m.

Hand History | Mathieu Grenon posted in PLO: PLO25 zoom, turn spot vs unknown
BN: $105.26
SB: $29.60
BB: $69.28 (Hero)
UTG: $26.98
HJ: $46.29
CO: $27.95
Preflop ($0.35) (6 Players)
Hero was dealt K Q 9 Q
UTG folds, HJ raises to $0.85, CO calls $0.85, BN folds, SB folds, Hero calls $0.60
Flop ($2.65) J 3 T (3 Players)
Hero checks, HJ bets $2.53, CO folds, Hero calls $2.53
Turn ($7.71) J 3 T 3 (2 Players)
Hero checks, HJ bets $7.36, Hero folds
Final Pot
HJ wins $7.36

Dec. 12, 2012 | 5:05 a.m.

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