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Sept. 22, 2020 | 8:32 p.m.

Enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one on late position opens

Feb. 27, 2019 | 8:12 p.m.

As title says. Game is a action heavy live 4 card plo. 2-3 pros usually. The rest more recreational players. Game is usually 9 handed. Unless local whale shows up late, in which case it’s 10 handed. 500-2500. 5/5 blinds with a 10 dollar rock.

Kicker is the rock plays from every position. For example, if the hj wins the hand. The next hand he posts the mandatory ten dollar rock. And the co is first to act preflop. No other straddles occur, regardless of rock position. Rock does count as both the rock and blinds if it happens to be in the sb/bb. I think aria or somewhere in Vegas does a similar thing.

What stratagey adjustments should we be making with out preflop ranges, depending on where the rock is?

Feb. 26, 2019 | 3:24 a.m.

Don’t know where to post this, so going in a new plo video thread to get seen (sorry if there is a better place I’m not using).

Live adjustments for plo elements that are fairly unique to live poker. Btn straddle and utg straddle. Rocks. Mandatory rocks that are utg. Mandatory rocks that play from anywhere and act as a straddle PF. These kind of things w theory adjustments and concepts behind how/why to adjust.


June 21, 2018 | 1:44 a.m.

This definitely! Any chance you could do it with the YouTube footage of Matt Kirk and Leon playing that ridiculous 500/1k with straddles? Forget the name of it but the session Matt lost like 3-4M

June 2, 2018 | 4:56 a.m.

Love this format, would definitely be interested in future plo reviews from PAD. One suggestion would be when referring to players, use their name that is on the show/label. Was last names for this one (You we’re going by their first names). The known players it’s easy to follow. But w some of the players I don’t know, combined w the constantly changing camera angles, it makes it harder to follow the action/your thought process when I’m not totally sure which player you are referring too w their first name. Keep up the awesome videos!

April 11, 2018 | 10:24 p.m.

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