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Forums are almost unreadable on my phone because of the light grey font, how can i make it darker and more legible?

Dec. 2, 2019 | 2:09 a.m.

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So Ive just about finished the course, great course btw and I have some questions; areas that could use a little more clarity

Episode 9 Polar Flop Raising
Criteria for bluff raising
• The board texture is wetter (urgency of value)
• We think V is betting a more polar range himself
o We can replace value raise with value bet and bluff raise with bluff bet and V is playing in similar fashion where call gets replaced with check call and fold gets replaced with check fold (I actually don’t understand what hes talking about here, something to do with the game tree and higher spectrum blah blah blah)
• V folds a lot to flop raises (obv)
Ex. Qc9c in BB vs Timid Nit Ts8s5c Raise all of our sets, but not 2 pair and more bluff combos.
*The general population live is incredibly passive station currently? Do you recommend this strat in live 5/10+? Bluff raising polar vs polar oop sounds a lot like punting
Clarify game tree comment and why we raise sets but not two pair

Episode 25 Exploitative Calling
Ex. H in CO open AKo, Wild Rec btn min raises, H 4bet (there is literally no hand that is ever correct to fold to a min raise here), V calls 3:1 SPR > Flop 4s4d2c, H check to induce, V downbets, H calls > Turn 4h, H checks, V bets 1/5 pot, H calls > River 7s, H check, V bets all in PSB.
Were likely good 60% of the time, need to be good 33%. It is not clear that V will try to gii for value with 99-JJ, we don’t fold anything that has SDV, likely any A high.
*Where does the 60% come from and how do we calculate this live?

Episode 27 Range Checking as PFR
“We never Range Check in position, its too slow a strategy for pot building”
*Doesn’t PIO say to check some overpairs? Cant we always bet later?
Pio caps calling ranges by raising more oop, on wetter textures and vs smaller cbets where SPR is large and more pot building should be done, clarify

Episode 28 High Frequency C-Betting in 3Bet Pots
If no flop came, we would want to continue to build the pot with all of our range; so how do different flops affect things?
4. Flops that increase our advantage further like Ah8c7s
a. We cbet small and often with hands like, 99s for protection from hands like KQ and KK for thin value (also why a small size works well)
5. Flops that don’t equalize Vs range: 7s4c4d
6. Flops that allow significant equalization for PFC: JhTh7d
a. AA & KK are neutralized, KQ, AK are nut potential hands and both players can have strong sets.
On 1 and 2 we range bet 33% pot and on 3 we use a more selective cbet strat with a larger sizing and /or polar line (value bet – c/c – bluff – c/f) *don’t follow

June 11, 2019 | 7:43 p.m.

Dont wanna hijack your thread but Id be interested to know how many players take various Nootropics before sessions. Caffeine is obviously the most common but how many have dabbled with Alpha GPC, L-Tryptophan, Theanine, Phenibut and the like?

Ive played around with different stacks/combinations over the last year and Ive noticed some interesting changes in my play.

Im 40 yrs old and my diet and exercise are the best theyve been in almost 6 years. Last visit to my doc, he told me my body fat % was optimal for my age. One thing I did this year was reduce grains and dairy, moving away from cereals > protein shakes + fruit and dairy > almond milk. This simple change was huge. I also cut out a significant portion of sugars (sodas, candy, dessert) this should really jump start your transformation if youre trying to make one and its pretty simple. It just requires discipline.

Aug. 5, 2018 | 8:37 p.m.

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