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Awesome video!

I am very much a low confidence player. The overall description is correct...I have started working on being more aggressive, 3betting more and go outside my comfort zone. Maybe this can transition to the rest of my life too.

Dec. 25, 2018 | 4:21 p.m.

As always, very good video.
Nice chess reminder - always look for a better move.

Dec. 20, 2018 | 6:41 p.m.

Very Very good video! TY

Nov. 23, 2018 | 7:07 a.m.

Comment | M S commented on $1/$2 Zoom Session Review

Even if I like the theory of GTO etc I found it refreshing with you explaining how and why you deviated from that and didn't use PIO. Thanks for an interesting session :)

Nov. 20, 2018 | 4:38 p.m.

As said...the simple instructional GTO chart was a great pedagogic tool. Thanks for a great video!

Nov. 14, 2018 | 3:01 p.m.

Comment | M S commented on 4 Tabling $200 Zoom Grind

Wondering the same :)

Nov. 7, 2018 | 9:03 p.m.

Great video, just the kind of topics I enjoy! :)

I like the following saying since it plays on the tension of the two concepts:
"Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard"

Nov. 7, 2018 | 1:25 p.m.

Comment | M S commented on $1/$2 NLHE Regular Tables

Thanks for the elaboration :)

Nov. 7, 2018 | 10:55 a.m.

Comment | M S commented on $1/$2 NLHE Regular Tables

Nice video! You explain a lot but there are some places where I need more:

11:25 you call a 3bet with T8h, you say it is to strong to fold. Why is that?
16:05 J7h , you say that that hand should check-raise flop. Why is that?


Nov. 6, 2018 | 8:30 p.m.

"I've been having these thoughts as I am no longer working a normal job, and have been grinding .10/.25 daily. I found that even winning at 10bb/100 is really difficult to support myself financially, even living in Asia where my personal expenses are relatively low."

I'm a bit confused here...how many hours per day are you playing and are you multitabling?

If you just play 2 tables of zoom and 6h/day (2 sets of 3 to relieve the grind) and 6 days a week; you should easily get $1500/month (counting 200-250 hands/h/table with 10bb/100).
That should be sufficient for living in for example Thailand and build our BR with a few hundred per month.

I'm not sure if Im missing somethign here or if you just don't put in the hours or just play one table.

March 20, 2018 | 12:37 p.m.

Great video, also lots of content reading the answers to the questions as always.

March 8, 2018 | 11:50 a.m.

Thank you for the video, always interesting to watch these (for me) insane stakes of nl500-nl1000.
Question about the QJ on the J999 board where he shoves river.
You assume he doesn't bluff here...why?
Could he bluff his perceived range (He bets his range and not his actual cards)?

March 3, 2018 | 7:57 a.m.

Watching it as of now, works fine for me. I watch on Firefox.

March 3, 2018 | 7:53 a.m.

I do enjoy these in-depth play-through with commentary. I always pick up interesting bits. And yours are very calm and methodical, making it easy to watch and follow.

Feb. 23, 2018 | 9:33 p.m.

Very useful concepts, not just in general for poker but for everything you want to do in life. I really needed this one, I see in my life how trigger points dictates exactly those pathways...something I'm working on at the moment.
Even if you talk about trigger points and process, its similar in idea to what others like Tim Ferriss talk about (morning routine and such...someone else talked about the inertia too)

Feb. 23, 2018 | 5:09 p.m.

Great, Ty for the elaboration!

Feb. 23, 2018 | 4:24 p.m.

Just watched this first video in your video-series and I can say that I'm very happy that this kind of content is available for us Essential Members.

Feb. 22, 2018 | 6:16 p.m.

Hi, ty for the in-depth session-review.
@13.20 when villain potbets river on KKT5T you say that he reps a T since a K should check-raise flop.
Why would a K check-raise flop? Wouldn't that be playing it kind of face up?

@30.30 you check-call (no check-rasie) with trips, 95 on K99. WHat is different between these two spots?

Feb. 22, 2018 | 4:36 p.m.

Comment | M S commented on The feeling when you evole

Very true!

Thanks for the link!
Even if Tony is great I do appreciate his teacher Jim more :)

April 13, 2017 | 11:18 a.m.

Comment | M S commented on The feeling when you evole

Thanks mate, hope you get where you're aiming at. Im aiming for NL100.

April 13, 2017 | 11:16 a.m.

Comment | M S commented on Specifically Poker

Is that 10bb/100 totalt rake payed or is it on pots won?
I was thinking since you cant really count rake in pots lost since you wouldnt get that money anyway - if you are estemating how much income is lost due to rake for example.

April 7, 2017 | 7:29 a.m.

Comment | M S commented on $1/$2 Session Review

Really liked the session and comments - got a lot to think about!

19:00 you fold AQ since you put him on 88-JJ and dont have equity.
But, if he had like 78s (backdoor flush and open ended straight) is that also a fold?

Regarding the HUD; have you added stats over time or did you start out with that many stats on it (for a newbie like me its overwhelming)?

April 6, 2017 | 5:31 p.m.

Comment | M S commented on Specifically Poker

They play to many tables at once and/or to long sessions (maybe everyday) and dont give themselves recharging time...is my guess.
Would be interesting if the data was compared to mid- and low volume regs and was broken up with regards to numbers of tables per session and session lengths.

April 5, 2017 | 8:26 a.m.

Comment | M S commented on Specifically Poker

Thank you!
Sometimes synchronistic events just amaze me...to find a few sentences like thses at the right time.

April 3, 2017 | 5:25 p.m.

Comment | M S commented on QQ 3 way pre

TY for posting this hand to discuss!

I play NL5 but am a newbie, but here is my thinking:

  1. shortstack can have what ever KTs-AA, on this limit they sometimes go crazy and call 3bets to often with weak hands.
  2. SB check all the way, I think he could have JJ-QQ. I would have bet the turn or at least the river since I read him as weak (IF he has KQs he is afraid of the K and betting could take it)
  3. I would never fold QQ here at nl5. No read on SB gives me the call and not the shove.

Looking forward to hearing the more knowledgeables input!

March 28, 2017 | 1:17 p.m.

I understand ! :)

Ty also to 4-star for providing the hand to discuss!

March 23, 2017 | 6:53 p.m.

Ty for the elaborate answer JC!

You dont think we are folding to much if this is a fold without the club against an aggressive player?
Could reraising be an option?

Or is this just, fold and get to a better spot (why the hassle)?

March 23, 2017 | 5:11 p.m.

That was my point: an aggrofish player cbet a lot and since you know this (labeling him as aggrofish) you should have called, even though the sample is small it is still 70/100%.

March 23, 2017 | 2:44 p.m.

Im also a newbie here and I find some of the concepts and reasoning in some videos hard to grasp at first - that is how it is digging deeper below the poker surface; it is hard work.
I mix the learning here with streamers streaming their play and books.

Also, when I see a concept I dont grasp I google it for more info on it. For example, I saw on streamer constantly talking about overfolding and even though I can guess what he means I googled the concept to get a clearer picture. I always google concepts and things mentioned to get more "meat" so to speak.

You just have to take a piece her e and a piece here and try to build your own pussle, incorporating some to your play and develop your understanding step by step. It takes time and effort, but nothing is free in life. :)

Good luck to you!

March 23, 2017 | 2:33 p.m.

Im a newbie also but here is my thoughts when i read this:

1.What is villains cbetflop%?
2.You label him as aggrofish but dont follow through on your read, i.e. he would cbet a lot on that board.
3. Does he read you as weak, whats your table-image?

I would have called, but it will be interesting to here what the more experienced have to say.

March 23, 2017 | 2:20 p.m.

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