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Post | Moneyisalex posted in NLHE: CREV "Aggregation" reports

I'm new to running sims and just recently purchased PIO. I've also had CREV for a while but did not find the use for it until I stumbled across a couple videos. I learned how beneficial it could be when visualizing ranges across multiple streets. I now often open CREV instead of PIO to find a solution to a specific spot. I'm curious if we're able to build a compilation of spots and only go back to see if we should be betting large or small on certain flops? This would be a much quicker process than running an aggregation report on PIO. Is running a the solver feature on CREV as accurate though? This way I can just go back, modify/change the flop and experiment with different bet sizes. I'm aware that PIO gives you a wealth of additional information when running these reports, but if I only want to look at the equities and EV's of bet sizes, is this a quicker route?

Sept. 15, 2020 | 8:24 p.m.

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