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PART III - Pokerdetox

So after I joined the team, I realized that the MDA were more than simple recommendation, it was a completely different game style and strategies built around the mass data, wich at first for a GTO fan boy was quite a big challenge to adapt to, I took some weeks to completely adapt/understand it, but eventually everything started to make sense, and you can even get to the same conclusions playing around with node locking and data, I also decided to take a coach inside the team, wich accelerated my progress, I was mixing MTTs and SNGs(where my new strategy just completely crushed), and then something happened…

I had my biggest score by winning the Sunday million PKO edition, after that I was in the best financial spot I ever was in my life, I had a good team around me, and I was ready to crush.
But I realized it was time to deal with my other issues since everything else was already covered, and this was my mental leaks, just to enumerate some those were:

  • Overthinking things, wich sometimes leads me to not take the max EV decision (risk adverse archetype).

  • Dealing bad with mistakes, basically just trying to fix a mistake with other mistakes.

  • Having more of a reactive aproach rather than a preventive one, trying to fix thing after they happened.

  • Acting way too fast in some big spots.

Luckily in the team I meet a hypnotherapist, wich offered a 50% discount to the games from the team, I snapped and started to work with him, with very good results, I would say that 3 out of 4 issues from the list I have overcome, but I realize that every change requires time so I am not rushing it.

Btw, one of my biggest leaks, game wise, was to not adapt correctly to big fields tournaments like 1k people+, I was a big loser in those games, so I would tell how I manage to improve in this area in my next post!

Nov. 16, 2021 | 6:29 a.m.


So even if at first glance my graph looks quite solid, and that variance is a myth, there’s a big moment of my career where all the leaks I was dragging finally got me.
And this is 2019-end of 2020.

And the main leaks I could spot that took me to this point were:

• Being too micro at my PIO studies.

• Even when I studied macro, I didn’t followed my conclusions.

• Lack of organization to study complex spots.

• Bad habits/mental game in general.

For me it’s a surprise that I didn’t lost more, so you might be wondering how did I overcome this?

Well, So I decided to ask a reg that I look up to, Die Ventura, and he told me about Pokerdetox, a stable completely oriented on MDA strategies (Mass data analysis on population tendencies), that could help me to fix leaks that I was unable to fix on my own, and even would cover mental game as well.
So I applied I signed a 1 ½ years contract, since I have so much to tell about my experience there, I would dedicate a post to it, so thanks for reading and GL in the tables!

Nov. 8, 2021 | 4:18 a.m.

Hey guys, my name is Oscar I am 28 years old, and I am from Peru, I have been on poker for around 8-9 years, I have focused on sngs at the beginning of my career, but nowadays I am playing a mix between MTTs from 50-530s, and sngs turbos all the stakes that can run but at least 60$ or higher.

This is my graph lifetime across all sites, altho my favorite site would always be pokerstars <3


-Move up in stakes.

-Reach the 1mill lifetime profit.

-Ez game.

And my goal for this blog is to charter my path to $1M and all the challenges that I would face to achieve it! I would write more in depth about my career and also talk about mindset and all the areas I have improved to still be profitable after so many years, so see you guys in the second post and thanks for reading!

Nov. 2, 2021 | 7:30 a.m.

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