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Live PLO 5/5 9 handed. 1k deep.
EP opens to 10, strange, but not uncommon for the game.
Hero calls AKK8ccc on BU. Blinds call.

Flop (40) 732ccd.
EP pots, hero calls, blinds fold.
I would often raise here, but wanted to keep blinds with weak FD in.
Also keep pot small with marginal Hand.
Kind of a spot where only better hands will call!?

Turn Qs. Brick like.
EP pots 120. Call.

River bricks 8s.
EP 300. what now?
I found it pretty hard to assemble a range for him that would make sense here.
Does he ever play AA like this? Unlikely. 87xx?
Have to work on doing that faster.
Do we just call based on „makes no sense“?

July 20, 2019 | 3:15 p.m.

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