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5 card Omaha: $15/30

me, SB, $6000: 9d5c3sAhQh
bb :$1750
Villain, btn: $5800

Flop :7h2h4c
turn: 6c

Villain was on button 180bb deep, i was oop 200 bb deep. Villain was probably a bit on tilt and playing aggressively against the entire table.

I was oop, so i flat at SB, i was usually raising pot 85% of the time when i choose to enter the flop.

villain called in position. BB checked

I flopped a bit flush draw and gut shot to the bottom straight

i bet pot, bb folded , button flat.

I turned the bottom straight, i bet $255 into $270 pot, villain pots me.

what do i do?

Feb. 23, 2019 | 5 a.m.

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