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Christmas Eve update,

I'm playing 100nl now - I haven't noticed any huge difference, perhaps a few more decent players but also still the same amount of losers. I think I've had a bit of a psychological speed bump as you can see in my early sample of hands at the new level,

I will be taking some time of to enjoy the jolly time with family

JordAbb Thanks I appreciate it - I'm not sure what you mean by a discord running? I have discord and I do have a group I talk to everyday as well as some other channels like RYE etc.

I hope you all have an incredible and love filled holiday season - stay safe on the roads :)

Dec. 23, 2019 | 7:54 p.m.

Thanks Ben,
besides the generic "work hard" how would you recommend someone gets better and finds hands to review after their session - would you just filter biggest pots, or save any hands that felt uncomfortable - what if i'm bleeding in a certain area for 1bb/100 (which i bet i am, in many spots) how do I learn to identify those,

Also thanks, you are a true asset to the community and I too believe it is an incredible gift to share knowledge, have a great holiday season

Dec. 15, 2019 | 10:55 p.m.

Appreciate it,

I probably overestimated myself, it's probably more reasonable to say 30-40k hands, especially playing regular tables.

I'd rather not say right now who I have some coaching with.

we found some leaks off the bat,

opening slightly too tight and missing some cbets - although our sample size isn't huge it's something to work on, I have noticed myself the gap between vpip/prf has increased slightly the last few weeks. from around 22/20 to recently 21/17.

And since you asked for a graph, I'll throw one up every week or so. these are my 50nl hands since I started cash in Oct.

I took around 14 days off during the below, and with regular tables not always 4 tables snap running.

Dec. 14, 2019 | 7:54 a.m.

Post | Seventeen0816 posted in Chatter: We Don't Wait For Jan 1

Hey everyone,

I am a cash game player who plays most of my volume on stars regular tables - mixing in some other sites and this is a journal for others to enjoy my ride with me.

Like this title says, I actually started this path to becoming a cash BEAST around two months ago - prior to this I had spent a lot of time studying MTT but like most players who switch to cash, the schedule really suits me better, and I think I'm just better at 100bb 6max anyway.

My current main game is 50nl - I should be full timing 100nl ironically by Jan 1

I'm currently backed for some of my action and one of my main goals is to become some sort of a coach for this group ( for newer 25nl/50nl players) some time next year because I believe sharing knowledge is an awesome part of being human. I hope through this thread I create a journey worth following and can inspire some others out there doing their thing.

I have one my first coaching sessions in a couple of days (me being coached)

I don't have volume goals, I don't have financial goals .I also work ~full time~

I play between 40k and 50k hands per month and I am beating 50nl for ~10bb/100 right now

I would consider myself one of the lazy ones with study - I share some hands here and there, do a light amount of solver work and close videos when they are halfway complete and start playing instead :) I will change this

This thread will include but not limited to, hand histories, giraffes, general life chit chat and most likely the occasional joke.

what sentence did the thief get who stole the advent calendar?
25 days!!! ha ha ha!! or should i say ho ho ho!!! - did i mention I'm a dad?

UFC 245 Bonus Bet

Amanda Nunes to win
Alexander volkanovksi vs Max Hollaway to go less than 4.5 rounds (both fighters have 50% finishes and this is a 5 round fight between two stand up beasts)
Colby Covington vs Kumaru Usman (both fighters have barely any finishes, this is a 5 round fight between two guys who will be giving it their absolute all and looking for a finish wherever possible, I don't see this going the distance)

combined odds @ $10.51

$50 bet = $525.69 return

Dec. 12, 2019 | 3:41 a.m.

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