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What happened to the mystery contender known only as 'The Pigeon'?

Rumor has it that he beasts everything

Jan. 8, 2020 | 10:08 p.m.

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Thanks for the advice Mikey - I look forward to see what the new year brings!! :)

Dec. 19, 2019 | 12:37 a.m.

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Hi Guys

I've recently completed 'From the Ground Up' course which has been really good in developing a foundational poker knowledge and strategy.

As the next stage in my training I'm interested in specializing more in MTTs as I really enjoy this format and seem to get better results than cash games, and I've recently been watching more of the RIO MTT videos (including Ryan's fundamentals course). To make sure I don't go down too far down the wrong path I'm keen to not implement strategies in my 'foundational knowledge' which are optimal for cash games but not so optimal for MTTs.

Of the modules in 'From the Ground Up' - are there any which are more applicable and less applicable to MTTs?

Are there any adjustments people would give to the strategies in 'From the Ground up' to make these more applicable to MTTs or are the strategies likely to be fairly optimal for the 40BB+ stages of tournaments?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Dec. 18, 2019 | 12:25 p.m.

Great video, I'm looking forward to watching through the series. As your next series, an overview of SNG strategy would be really appreciated - all the main training sites have very little content on SNGs and it would be useful to understand how these differ from MTT strategy.

Oct. 21, 2019 | 4:02 p.m.

Yes, this is packed full of great content and is a solid foundation for strong poker skills. There's so much content I often pause the video every 30 seconds to make more notes. Peter really knows his stuff and doesn't waste a sentence with any waffle. This is very different from courses on other training sites where there is lots of random chatting without many points being made.

I wouldn't recommend this course to a complete beginner, a few months ago even the first couple of videos in this series would have been over my head. I've tried a few beginner courses and actually found the Daniel Negreanu Masterclass to be the best intro to key concepts of the game for people who no nothing more than the rules, but when you have those core concepts nailed this would be the best next port of call. Then get Peter's book The Grinder's Manual to go deeper.

Oct. 2, 2019 | 1:22 p.m.

Hi Jeff. You can use their inbuilt web based tracker app on GG Poker to track those things, drill down on hand histories, tendancies, leaks etc. It doesn't have as much functionality as programs like PT or HM2 but will give you the basics. It allows you to export single hands which can be imported into third party apps but won't allow you to batch export all of your hands (so would need to do this one hand at a time which would take forever!).

Party poker also has a web based review app (although this isn't as good as GG Poker) but does have a nice feature where it will give you a 'report card' and point out major leaks. This won't allow any export to third party apps.

Oct. 2, 2019 | 12:27 p.m.

I believe you would now need to write it out or take a screenshot from their hand replay app. Party Poker is one of the sites that have removed HUDs, the ability to export hand histories etc. which are all quite important for pro players (especially those multitabling). As a result it seems like lots of pros have abandoned the site.

I've tried most of the main sites recently for low stake cash games and party poker seemed to have the softest games at these lower limits (no doubt due to the pros leaving). I think that makes it one of the best places to play if you're starting out, focus on playing a single table or 2 tables, move up the stakes and get good at the game making well thought out decisions and reads which isn't reliant on HUDs.

At the minute my main site is GG Poker which has similar benefits and also doesn't allow to export full hand histories or custom HUDs (but has an inbuilt basic HUD), but I use Party Poker as my secondary site.

Oct. 1, 2019 | 1:11 p.m.

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