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This is a live hand that I played recently in my local casino.
$250 buy-in satellite to win local main event seats ($2000 each).

Blinds 50/100 no antes. Level 2.

Villain UTG limps to 100 from 4825 stack
SB limps 100
I have have AQo in the BB. Raise to $425 out of my 8150 stack.
UTG calls, SB folds.

Flop comes AJ5 rainbow
I bet 700 into 950 pot

UTG calls

Turn is a 7

I check to get villain to continue betting a weaker Ace and maybe pot control.

Villain bets 700 into 2350 pot, I call.

River is a 10. I bet 1200 into 3750 pot.

Villain re-raises all in with last 3000.

I call the extra 1800 to potentially win a 9750 pot. Villain is a pretty bad player from experience. Does lots of donk betting and folds to re-raises on the flop often.

Villain turns over J10o and wins with two pair.

I am down to 4825 :(

Should I have continued on the turn with a bigger bet? Should I have folded the river?
Any advice would be appreciated.


July 23, 2016 | 8:18 a.m.

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