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The current perception is that RIO is failing. It may turn around but for me the following reasons are why you are struggling.

  1. You've niched yourselves to death. Self inflicted wounds but I can see why it happened. It's great to be able to create a niche or fill a niche but you have gone with STP, anonymous poker, politically correct poker, no hubs. Laudable reasons for doing this, but it sets the intersection number point on the graph of potential customers way too low.

  2. You've taken the fun out of playing. Anonymous poker and no dialogue box means over political correctness plus it wastes a good community on Discord. The number of times I've seen someone on Discord say "are you playing, which one are you, which one were you etc. People want to know who they are playing against, and sometimes it's not to take advantage, it's merely to have fun playing with someone they know or know of.

  3. Bug bugs bugs. Obvious but doesn't help things. Continual "we have no date for this" replies almost come over as high handed. If you had known how long it would take to iron out the bugs, I'm sure you wouldn't have launched. This means there are no STT's and MTT's, which are a vital part in the success of a site.

  4. Poor and unexciting graphics.

  5. You are caught between two stools. You have STP which favours regs and those who can adapt, but you make it anonymous and say you want to help recs, then do away with PLO4. Either aim for high end or low end.

Aug. 6, 2019 | noon

I actually played 100 hands for the past two days. That's the first time since I downloaded the new software. Sit back in now works perfectly. Not one single glitch for me either. Excellent. I said I would only play occasionally until they fix the stp turning Omaha into a no limit game. There was another post along the same lines on 2+2 today about how stp piles up the pots quickly so no one can get away, which is bad for those on small bankrolls trying to play sensibly. I have always preferred pl to nl because you get to play more streets rather than an all in donkfest. For me plo is the parry and thrust of fencing, nlhe is two people throwing rocks at one another from two paces.

Feb. 28, 2019 | 12:24 a.m.

It's called observation Copernicus. You sit at a table and observe what other players are doing and your brain analyses how they are playing and what they are doing if you play real poker. I do, but the online video version can be fun as well as skillful too, because you can do exactly the same thing as I do live. Thanks to RIO for making people use their brains and poker skills more, by evening the field. People actually have to use their brains and analysis, and instinct, rather than have a computer programme telling them what to do.

Feb. 20, 2019 | 6:46 p.m.

I have a feeling you lot wish the sit out/sit in button had been done before you got round to going live yesterday. I don't know how many times you were asked about that but my under/over would be around 200.

I thought yesterday was a stunning success and you'd be breaking out the champagne, but the response on Discord by those in charge was a bit muted. It far exceeded my wildest expectations (although I am a very negative S.O.B), There's tons for you to do yet, but players have been generally so positive about RIO, overlooked the blips, and turned up in their 100's. A RESULT!

Not only that, there were players at tables way into the night, at a time when most of Europe is in bed.

Players like me are pushing for tournaments, but you will need time to get it right. I can wait, but I will make a few personal observations, and a few requests. Everyone is different, so this may not go down well in some quarters.

  1. When I play live, old school players like me, like a chat, so having a chat box is going to make it a better experience.

  2. It's fun when you're with players you know, so breaking from anonymity in tournaments (even if it's only occasionally), would in my opinion, be a very good thing, as it would be closer to real poker.

  3. Some like quick shove fest tournaments, but some of us like a really good structure, where you get time to play a decent game.

  4. There are some very very slow players around, which is one of the reasons I play less hold'em nowadays. For some tournaments, please please have a fast clock, and if anyone misses their turn, force them to sit out a few hands. Have a clock for extra time if you wish, for those extra hard decisions.

Feb. 7, 2019 | 6:56 p.m.

I thought it was left very late to announce the opening time and also bonus details. There have been one or two enquiries concerning bonuses for beta testers. Mine went very well. My first attempt to deposit was rejected but after a phone call from the bank, the second was accepted.

For any beta testers wondering, I received my bonus straight away without problems. There is a pull down menu where your name is, and the bonus details were there under "Account." Your progress is listed under "First Deposit Bonus."

I realise the tremendous effort involved, but sometimes the simple things are overlooked. From the numbers who have been playing, this first day looks like a huge success.

Feb. 6, 2019 | 7:41 p.m.

I have just seen the latest post about the Wednesday launch. It touched on what I was saying on Discord about support in the early days being so important. New players may turn up, see empty tables, and leave never to return, so support from regs is vital. I feel I am obligated to playing a few hands because RIO did send me 30 euros for beta testing, so if I see any emptyish tables in the first few weeks, and am able to play I shall at least try to play a few hands, as the post is asking.

After that I will consider I have fulfilled that obligation, and will wait for tournaments, which at a guess will take 3-6 months. Ah well, patience is one of my strongest points, I just hope it will not be a let down.

Feb. 3, 2019 | 8:21 p.m.

Hi Phil, thanks for your polite reply. My post is a bit negative, but I do realise why you are doing this. FTR after thinking about it a bit I do think STP will increase your chances of succeeding. It's too far away from what I consider to be normal cash game poker, but I am still excited about the prospect of playing in your tournaments, providing the game play is not affected too much. This is still the most excited I have been about a poker site, just a bit gutted about cash play.

Feb. 3, 2019 | 7:41 p.m.

I am "ant" on Discord (someone else has that username here). What I wanted was a poker site that plays like real poker. No matter how you look at it, STP means RIO cash games are not like real cash games. I hate STP for virtually all the reasons stated on here, but understand both positive and negative, and the reasons STP came about. Personally I hate gimmicks and hate variance.

Although this means I will not be playing cash I very much hope tournaments will not be affected too much. If the splashback thing is applied so that it is distributed the same way and same percentage as tournament prize money that should mean tournaments will run closer to how I would like. I am so hoping that STP will not alter the way tournaments play.

I understand I am an older live player and not the sort of person this site is aimed at, but I'm feeling a bit miffed because this is the one site I would have liked to play cash. It's a bit like finding the most beautiful girl in the world, and not only that, she fancies me, then finding out she's a bloke.

Feb. 3, 2019 | 5:21 p.m.

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