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Thanks a lot, guys. I will look into the book, also I never was a fan of the BalugaWhale. :-)

Oct. 3, 2020 | 8:02 a.m.

Hello everyone,

so I have a question or two, it would be so nice if someone could help me.

I played Poker for a living, mainly 200NL and a bit of 400NL. Overall I was winning 3,2 PTB over 500.000+ hands on 200NL und FTP. It was enough to make a really good living, as I was still attending university.

Unfortunately that is 8 years ago now (or 7? or 9?). I left about the time when FTP broke down the first time. Durrr was pretty big then (is he still there?), Phil Galfond was too, Leggo was sold to Phil Ivey, and of course there were new laws which made playing more difficult for US-Americans. I am from Germany, I don't even know what the laws are here now. I few years ago it was basically a grey area.
I was a studentof shoota and Marvin Steele, I have no idea what these guys are doing now, but Shoota wrote a well recognized book about poker back then.

Now I have a really nice job, a family, everything is fine. But a few days ago I started playing a little bit on 50NL and it was really fun. I was wondering, could I still play Poker? It seems like a lot has changed over the past years, especially bet sizing, raising strange flops, playing GTO, there seems to be new software to learn, but is Pokertracker still relevant? Or Pokeroffice? Is there really no HUD on PartyPoker? Is Pokerstars still the biggest site? I also heard there are a lot of good Bots now?

Is there a good book I could read, like from someone who is recognized as good? Not the "old" books from the past /Harrington, Sklansky and Co), I did read all of them. Once upon a time I also had a book by some of the big guys, it was an e-book, but I basically forgot what it was.

Anyway, everything you guys could tell me about how poker works now, where I could start and what changed, would be very much appcretiated.

Friendly Greetings :-)

Sept. 25, 2020 | 8:52 a.m.

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