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Thanks for pointing that out, I fixed it in the original post.

Do you think KK would flat the 4 bet here? I've seen mixed comments on what people would do. If he 5 bets or jams KK then I'm even further ahead of his range on this flop but I don't know how often that would happen, I think I would have troubles jamming KK this deep but it is micros so you never know what they'll do lol

Aug. 14, 2019 | 12:23 a.m.

Hand History | TyOnTilt posted in NLHE: AA In 4-Bet pot 200 BB deep (6-Max)
Blinds: $0.01/$0.02 (6 Players) BN: $7.71
SB: $3.25
BB: $2.58
UTG: $3.87 (Hero)
MP: $1.82
CO: $2.38
Preflop ($0.03) Hero is UTG with A A
Hero raises to $0.07, 2 folds, BN raises to $0.22, 2 folds, Hero raises to $0.66, BN calls $0.44
Flop ($1.35) K 5 3
Hero bets $0.43, BN calls $0.43
Turn ($2.21) K 5 3 Q
Hero checks, BN bets $0.70, Hero calls $0.70
River ($3.61) K 5 3 Q 6
Hero checks, BN bets $2.32, Hero calls $2.08 and is all in
Final Pot UTG wins and shows a pair of Aces.
BN lost and shows a pair of Fives.
UTG wins $7.50
Rake is $0.27

Aug. 13, 2019 | 3:46 a.m.

This is going to be my first post so I figure this would be a great thing to comment on as it was Peter’s From The Ground Up course that made me sign up with RIO to begin with!!

I think Pete does an awesome job at explaining different situations you’ll come across in a poker session, he goes over how to play those but also gives situations were straying from the initial path provides more benefit.

I really like the depths he goes to in describing different board textures and what hands would fall into what ranges.

I’m only about ten videos and I’ll definitely be watching the once’s I’ve already watched to pick up more details from them but I’m so happy I decided to pick up this course and a membership with RIO!!

I can’t wait to start improving my game!

July 22, 2019 | 5:52 p.m.

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