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Hello how are you?

My name is Dérick, I've been playing poker since 2004, I've been a poker professional since 2011, I've been a poker dealer, organizer of face-to-face cash games, I've had a physical and online poker club, I've played with a banker sponsoring my game, I've had a cash game team (I'm currently starting a new team project), and I'm currently playing online cash games on my own, blinds up to 1$-2$ (PLO5).
My goal here on the forum is to receive and acquire a lot of knowledge, and in exchange to give a little bit of the experience I have with the game.
I am passionate about card games, especially poker and magic the gathering.
I hope to be able to post my doubts and create productive discussions here. And I will be willing to answer questions from others whenever possible.
Soon I will start a new game challenge, based on target number of hands and profit. I will be streaming my gaming sessions via twitch and youtube. If you like plo5 (omaha 5 cards), join me on this journey.
I'll post whenever it's live, if you want to follow me on twitch the link is:

June 27, 2022 | 11:18 p.m.

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