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Very much appreciate the detailed response here!

For the first part, will definitely make that change right away and tighten up my iso ranges. Exactly the type of guidance I was looking for and thanks for this! Will take your advice of slowly adding on hands once I'm a bit more comfortable/profitable in these spots

2.) Sample size is very small at only 6.6K hands (spending most time studying, and 2 regular tables, zoom isn't available to us yet unfortunately). With a bb/100 of -9.54 right now.

RFI by position:
EP: 17% (533 hands, should probably cut out A7s,A6s, A2s,A3s)
MP: 18% (999)
CO: 17% (1192)
BTN: 21% (1285, seems very tight, but again usually by this point a few limpers)
SB: 22% (1276)
(I'm not sure how limps impact these, since in a majority of my games there are almost always people limping frequently)

For 3Bet %s, there is such a low sample size it's likely not helpful. So many limpers and rarely raising, only 67 of my hands I've 3 bet. But I've also cut down my 3bet range due to the low fold equity, so primarily it's just pure value with TT+, AQs+, AQo+

For calling 3bets, it's the same story as above. So few 3bets that when I do face them, calling with a very tight range.

WWSF: 40.11%

When I Cbet flop IP currently 121 BB/100 winrate
When I Cbet flop OP currently 56 BB/100 winrate

Hopefully some of the above is what you were asking for! But even so going through these filters are really helping me identify spots I need to work on, even with a small sample size.

As for the range analysis, I've started using Equilab to look at some spots and assigning some typical ranges from charts to look at certain spots I find myself in. Do you think something like Flopzilla is what I should be using as well? During hands I'm working on my hand reading after each street, but it's still a work in progress for me (also started giving people a lot of credit in river spots when they randomly get super aggressive, learned that not all people at 2NL will 3Bet hands you typically think they would lol)

Again thanks for your answer and appreciate the help here.

April 7, 2023 | 1:43 a.m.

Hey everyone!

Hoping some people here can help me out. Loved poker for years, and now that I'm living in NJ in the US, I'm able to play online on a regulated site. I dove into studying, taking it seriously to get better with a goal is to be playing at 25NL a year from now.

To start, been spending roughly 90% of my time studying / 10% playing since I am a losing player, and only playing at 2NL at the moment to get my fundamentals down, and since I'm a losing player right now, might as well lose the least amount possible while I learn. Once I feel comfortable with my game, going to deposit more and start playing at 5NL / 10NL depending on the tables running (not the best player count in US regulated sites.) I stick to 2 regular 2NL tables, and try to really focus on certain concepts/topics I've been studying to apply them.

I could use some advice on a couple different things, any help would be appreciated:

1. Iso Range*
First thing it would be great to sanity check is my default Iso range. Haven't really been able to find much on this, so want to make sure this adjustment is a good one. At 2NL there's a large number of players with a 40-50% VPIP that are limping, then calling an iso-raise, whether it's 4bb up to 6/7bb, and usually it's at least two.

Almost half of my hands so far (only 7K-ish at the moment, low sample size) have been been multiway pots. After realizing I'm getting called quite a lot with these raises, I cut down my range that I isolate with pretty heavily, to roughly 12-15% of my hands, since when I'm getting called this much, I want to go into these flops with a relatively strong hand compared to the limp/calls. Is this a solid adjustment, or too tight still?

Rough idea of the range :77+, A2s+, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, T9s, 98s, 87s, AJo+, KJo+

2.) Identify Most Common Spots for Study / PokerTracker Filters
I've looked this up a bit but would be great to know people's thoughts on the best spots to study as a beginner, excluding RFI ranges? (Practicing those daily, got them mostly memorized).

I've been looking at my hand history in PT4, but would be great what filters / spot to look out for when it comes to reviewing common spots, outside of the ones where I lost a stack / a lot of BBs.

3.) Any other tips!
It's always great to hear from others with the same experiences!


April 6, 2023 | 1:21 a.m.

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