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Hello everyone,

Was playing main event 1650 day 1 and came across a hand I wanted to get some thoughts on...


Button 90K
SB 40K
Blinds 500/1000, 100
40 min levels(if matters)
if I had to describe the player (button): solid, loose. knows what he is doing but also gets sticky sometimes. open range wide. and opens 50% button and cutoff. running good atm.

Button raise to 3000, SB calls, BB(me) 3bet to 10K, both players called.
FLOP: K(h)T(d)6(d)
SB checks, I lead 10K, Button calls, SB folds.
Turn: T(s)

Holding A/K with K(d), what would you do there ? Check or Bet?

Ran this by few peeps already and got different answers.

Thanks much and sorry if the content is boring...(newbie to this)

Dec. 17, 2017 | 5:29 a.m.

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