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Utg folds, hero from co 2.1bb raise kc6d stack 76bb, btn call stack 22.9 bb, all other players fold.

Flop KJ7 rainbow, hero checks, villain 2.15bb, hero calls. Turn 5d opens fd d, hero checks, villain 5.21 bb, hero calls. River Jd hero check villain checks.

If you were hero, as played what would you do on the flop and on the turn? What is the perceived range of villain? Combinations of value and of bluff?

Additional Info sb 20bb and bb 40bb, they both folded preflop.

Thanks in advance for all the answers.

Sept. 10, 2021 | 1:23 a.m.

Yeah exactly what i was trying to say is that BTN acted out of position, and no i definitely don't exult like i scored a touch-down at the superbowl when i win a pot :) . I guess that maybe when i check-raise the flop he polarize me a lot straight or a set/air and i don't play set like that OTT and OTR and i don't shove the straight OTR so he assumed i was totally bluffing. Maybe if i just flatted OTF, i could represent easily a flush or a straight, all hands that he exclude from my range by check-raising but the SB kind of screwed that option i guess. Ty Trevtrain.

Dec. 31, 2014 | 6:49 a.m.

Every body at least 100bb deep, UTG me on the CO and the BTN around 200bb deep
My image is of a LAG player
UTG r 6, UTG+1 c, i call with JcTs on the CO, BTN calls and SB calls.

FLOP 9c7s6s (Pot 32)
SB x, UTG x, UTG+1 x, I was grabbing my chips to take a stab at the pot but the BTN not noticing me anticipates me and bets 20, SB that saw my attempt to bet seemed a bit uncomfortable but decides to call, everybody folds, so i decide to check-raise 66 trying to take down the pot OTF or on later streets repping the flush if it comes down spades (And maybe just with a Ts as blocker isn't that good of idea) or a flopped straight if it goes bricks and also trying to take advantage of the strength that i represent by letting the CO bet and check raising him. BTN calls SB folds.

TURN 9c7s6s Tx (Pot 184)
I bet 100 with the same thoughts that i had OTF and noticing some tells of discomfort when the turn came off, BTN calls.

RIVER 9c7s6s Tx 2s (Pot 384)
Same signs of discomfort so i decide to stick with the plan and i shove my last 220 trying to rep the flush, BTN tanks for a minute and calls with two red J.

Thoughts on my line? What is your range to call OTT and OTR? Do you think that with the line that i've taken my value range OTR (Obv mostly flushes) is too thin? Random opinions?

Sorry for my english maybe sometimes incorrect but i'm from Italy, thank you in advance.

Dec. 31, 2014 | 3:52 a.m.

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