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Thanks but too complex for me. Just looking for a straight forward answer which will have less variance or which will have more.

Aug. 29, 2018 | 2:27 p.m.

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So been playing HEADSUP SNG's for a while now just finding my ROI is so poor around 1% over the past year (was around 5% last year) that it's becoming a waste of time.

Usually in the 20-25dollar buyin range. My sample size is close to 100k buyins.

So it got me thinking today, which has more variance me playing these HU Turbo SNG's or MTT's in which I dont play but the fields are around average 50 people per MTT with top 8 players being paid?


Aug. 28, 2018 | 8:36 p.m.

Suggestions: Have a winning session :) I have absolutely no idea how good you are or not, but Ive seen both videos now and you down for both sessions(not sure if it was 1 long session paused)? Also when you had AK hand and the guy had A3 and rivered a 3. I think you missed a bet on the turn.

July 18, 2018 | 11:05 p.m.

Hi, can you please give a Summary of all 3 types of players you discussed: I found that all three players analysed were playing very similar and had always around or close to 50% of the time doing X and Y. Any chance of maybe a quick summary of the 3 types of players ranges? Thanks.

July 6, 2018 | 12:30 a.m.


When Paul has A8c and Nuno had Q10s. Why did Paul not bet the turn card? FLOP: 5s 2d 8d 7s

Surely he has to bet on the turn here, was checking a mistake?

Please advise.


July 4, 2018 | 10:33 p.m.

Thanks for the video. Was interesting. Couple of things, let's say the stack sizes are 20bb as opposed to 40bb with NO antes are the BU and CO ranges still almost 100%, if not what percentage are we looking at given that scenario? Secondly, hands like 32o for example regardless of the adjustments made in the blinds(call,fold or raise frequency) the hand is still at -EV right given the adjustments made in the video to get it closer to +EV. -EV is -EV so how is it still a profitable open even if its closer to breakeven open?

June 28, 2018 | 11:29 p.m.

Hi, Thanks for the video. I really struggled and battled to understand the concepts here, maybe due to my limited knowledge. So we had a flop of 10107 right, and the discussion was centered around how best to play the hand postflop. After the video I am asking myself , Okay am I c-betting always? Am I betting 40% pot? Really struggled to form a well rounded strategy. Advice?

June 28, 2018 | 10:36 p.m.

Awesome, you play well.

June 27, 2018 | 10:29 p.m.

Very technical, wasn't so easy to follow. Thanks though. So, in this video are you identifying your typical "Loose aggessive", "Passive aggessive" etc... type opponents that one would face and these are the common ranges they use?

June 27, 2018 | 9:35 p.m.

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