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Thank you, lIlCitanul. I did watch that video again as well as Saulo's new DB review, and rewatched ElusiveMark's video on the subject as well.

A member of the community also reached out to help me with a more in depth review of my DB, and this is what I find the most helpful. We looked at alot of different leaks, and which specific ones that have had the most impact on my winrate. I find it pretty hard to look and find specific lines and nods where I am lacking the most. He had alot sims from both PIO and Simple Postflop that we compared my stats to optimal and population exploits. So that was very helpful, as well as the more "regular" preflop mistakes.

So now I have alot of stuff to work with atleast, but if someone have any other tips I am very intrested! I wanted to mention this and the links to the videos if someone else scan the internet in the future and find this thread as well.

Aug. 27, 2020 | 1:54 p.m.

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I trying to improv my game, been watching videos and improved alot since I joined RIO. Started with FTGU and had the essential membership for the first few months, and now upgraded to the elite. I've had hot and cold runs, been working on the mental part alot. But now I feel a little stuck how to improv further. I played alot of volume, which obvious is gonna be alot of low-quality volume, but atleast I should be able to find alot of leaks from this.

Anyone familier how it is to work with a coach or something similar? Or how I could analyze my own game to find leaks that I am not aware of at all. Or maybe some study tips that have been working well for you, right now Im mostly watch videos here (both theory and live play).

Not sure if I should post it here or in the NLHE - Low Stakes forum?

Thanks in advance to anyone who take time to answer.


Aug. 20, 2020 | 11:53 a.m.

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